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Sweet craving: Why do you want to eat sweets immediately after a meal? Find out what is the reason

Sweet craving: Everyone has a habit of eating something sweet after a meal. That is why you must have seen that even in hotels you are given dessert after the meal. Do you know why this happens, today we will explain to you the science behind it

Brahma Muhurat: Your eyes suddenly open at 3-4 am? May be a sign of the divine

Many people have a good night's sleep, but every day between 3 and 5 in the morning, the eyes suddenly open. Due to which they are worried about why this is happening. Opening the eyes during this time is called waking up in Brahma Muhurta. Considered a divine sign.

Does your tooth hurt when you eat or drink cold in the heat? So adopt this home remedy and don't have to spend on medicine

Avoid ignoring dental problems. While many people experience mild toothache, they tend to ignore it. Gradually this toothache starts increasing. If you are suffering from toothache, you can take the help of some home remedies in such a situation. Toothache and inflammation can be relieved with the help of these remedies. Let's know how to get rid of toothache problem?

These 4 people must consume buttermilk, know the benefits of drinking buttermilk in summer

Buttermilk is considered very good for health. You can make it sweet or salty as per your choice. Looking for a healthy and desi drink this summer, you can have buttermilk made from curd. Properties like protein, calcium, sodium, potassium, vitamins and phosphorus are found in whey

Hydration In Summer : Coconut water or lemon water, what is best for hydration in summer?

Hydration In Summer : It is necessary to maintain hydration in the body during the summer season, for this we are advised to drink energy drinks from time to time. In such a situation some people drink coconut water while some people like to drink lemon water. So find out today which of these two is better.

Stored Food: Food kept in the fridge should not be eaten after how many hours? You are not making this mistake, know here

Stored Food: If more food than required is taken from the plate, it is often saved. In such a situation we either keep our plate in the fridge or keep the leftover food in another vessel and store it in the fridge. So that you can eat that food again when you feel hungry. Then let's know after how many hours the food kept in the fridge should not be eaten.

Why do people under the age of 50 become victims of cancer? Find out how to survive from an expert

Advanced stage cancer is seen in people under 50 years of age. In such a situation, doctors have advised people to get checked for cancer on time. So it is also necessary to know why people are becoming victims of cancer at a young age.

Do you also have the habit of breaking your finger tips? This relaxing habit can cause serious damage to health

Do you also have a habit of snapping fingers at everything? So you are inviting many serious diseases. Let us tell you how the habit of cracking your fingers can be harmful for you. At first they do it just for fun, but they don't even realize when it turns into a habit.

Hair Tips: Due to these mistakes, hair starts to fall, people become victims of baldness, know about those mistakes.

Hair health also depends on our diet. If you eat healthy food and still have hair loss, you should do something about it. Hair loss begins with thinning. In such a situation, when the thickness of the hair starts to decrease. To lose weight we eat less food, which deprives us of important nutrients

Summer Drink: Instead of soda drink, drink this healthy drink, along with the taste, immunity will also be strengthened.

Immunity Booster Drink: Some people drink soda every day, increasing the risk of premature high blood pressure and heart disease. Artificial sweeteners are used to enhance its taste, which is no less toxic to our body. Drinking soda drinks increases the risk of serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and asthma.