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Apple will compensate for this defect of iPhone, do you also use this model?

Apple will inform the users through email that this compensation will be given. Only after that the compensation amount will be credited to the user's account. If you are also an iPhone user then this news is very important for you to know.

Are you bothered by Slow Internet? Make these settings in your phone immediately and follow this trick

Mobile Internet : If internet is not working on your phone or it is working slowly, this information is useful for you. After this information you will not need to go to any service center. You can fix internet problem on your phone sitting at home.

Frequent switching on and off of the AC increases the bill? know

People install AC in their house to avoid heat. Often while using AC, this question comes in people's mind that, does the bill increase due to frequent switching on and off of AC? Then in this article we will know about what is the fact.

Cyber ​​Crime : Beware…. Fraud is happening in the stock market with WhatsApp and Telegram, protect yourself

Cyber ​​Crime: Fraud is often heard in the stock market. There have been two separate incidents in the past week. This fraud has caused a loss of more than 3 crores. It is not that such incidents are being observed with any particular people or in certain cities. But such incidents are being seen as cases of fraud all over India.

WhatsApp has brought a new feature, now posting status will be twice as fun

WhatsApp is bringing a new voice note feature to its users. Although this is an old feature, the earlier voice note feature had a time limit of 30 seconds, which has now been increased to 1 minute. This new feature of WhatsApp will be implemented in India as well as other countries in a phased manner.

Take bro, now in the market umbrella that gives cool air like AC in this heat, know the price

It is very hot in many cities of the country including Delhi-NCR. Whether going out of the house or going to the office, today we are going to tell you about a smart umbrella. Compared to normal umbrellas, it comes with many good features.

So, because of this, your phone's battery drains quickly! You are not doing this mistake? Find out here

Using a smartphone will do nothing, it is necessary to have correct information about the features of the phone. Did you know that there are some mobile features that drain your phone's battery life quickly. Know what these features are

This is the cheapest electric scooter available in India, the price is just that

Many people avoid buying electric scooters as they are expensive, but if you want to buy an electric scooter and budget is an issue, then today we are telling you about the cheapest electric scooters in India, which cost less than 35 thousand rupees.

This is the biggest deal Google can do with Make In India, the iPhone manufacturing company

After Apple started manufacturing iPhone in India, now Google is also going to follow its lead. The company plans to manufacture its Pixel phones in India itself. For this, they are in high-level talks with iPhone manufacturing company Foxconn on the contract.

In Pakistan, the government banned Twitter, the court said - withdraw the decision within a week

Pakistan Ban Twitter: Now people of Pakistan will not be able to use the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter). Pakistan government has banned X (Twitter) in its country. The government of Pakistan had earlier also issued an order banning its microblogging platform X. Know why X has been banned in Pakistan.