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Surat: In the case of fraud of 4 crores in the land deal, the writer appeared in the Eco sale with anticipatory bail.

A writer brother has been interrogated in a Rs 4 crore fraud with a partnership firm in the land grabbing game by tampering with the resolution in Surat. Mehul and Virendra Tathi appeared in the echo cell with anticipatory bail.

Surat: In the suicide case of a female policeman, the cyber crime constable was questioned, is a love affair responsible for the incident?

Constable Prashant Bhonye has been interrogated by the police while serving in cyber crime in connection with the female constable suicide case in Surat. The police suspect that a love affair is responsible for the matter. Police are trying to get to the root of the incident based on the constable's inquiries.

Surat: 3 Zholachhap doctors caught for demanding treatment on patients

In Surat, the raft of Zholachhap doctors has burst. 3 bogus doctors practicing medicine without degree have been caught. This Zholachhap doctor had worked as a compounder in different hospitals who became a doctor himself in course of time.

Can this even happen? Against the theft of 12 thousand, the police returned 1 lakh 20 thousand worth of goods! Read the shocking case of an 18-year-old thief

Surat: Police have returned the gold chain stolen 18 years ago in Chowk Bazar area to the original owner. It is worth mentioning that at that time, against the theft of 12 thousand, the owner has received 1.25 lakh worth of goods back. A gold chain was stolen during the devastating floods in Surat in 2006.

Surat: Suspicious amount of ghee found in Palsana, ghee worth 24 lakh rupees was seized and sample sent for testing

Surat: Ghee is considered beneficial. According to experts, eating ghee keeps the digestive process healthy. Reduces the risk of heart disease. Cholesterol levels are maintained. Along with this it works to strengthen the bones and keep the skin healthy. But a case has come to light in Surat that ghee does not improve health but makes health worse.

Narmada: Worker drowned after falling in Sardar Sarovar Dam, watch video

Narmada: A worker went missing after falling into the deep water at the foot of the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat's Jivadora. His dead body was found despite the efforts made by the fire brigade team to search. Police have moved the dead body for postmortem and are investigating the matter.

Surat: A gang of thugs who were extorting money online by offering to sell expensive toys at cheap prices were caught.

Surat: If you are making a purchase on Facebook, be careful, otherwise you may get scammed... In Surat, a case of extorting money has come to light by placing a greedy advertisement of toys for just Rs 389.

Started diamond business by borrowing worth of 4800 crores, know who is Rajya Sabha candidate Govind Dholakia

Govind Dholakia borrowed Rs 410 to do business. After jumping into the diamond business, there has been no looking back. After that he got continuous progress in this industry and also did many service works. He donated 11 crores for the construction of Ram temple.

Surti takes a stab at running successful companies in the country, Hurun India list reveals impressive figures

These big companies of the country are spread over a total of 44 cities. These figures are from the Hurun India 500 list. Hurun has released this list in collaboration with Axis Bank. It is to be noted that Surat, which is filling the field of business, has also achieved a place in the list.

Why live crabs are offered to Lord Shiva in this temple of Surat

Devadhidev Mahadev hardly has any devotees. People worship Lord Bholanath with great devotion.