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War will end again! Israel responded to Iran's attack, what will Iran do now?

President Ibrahim Raisi warned Israel and said that if Israel attacks again, we will attack Israel with redoubled force without any delay.

Accused of more than 5 criminal cases, theft and robbery..Who is "Kalu" who fired at Salman's house? Know his crime profile

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan always receives threats. But this time the matter had crossed the line. This time firing was done at Salman Khan's house. Two bikers fired indiscriminately near Salman's house. Now one accused has been identified.

Cocaine worth 19 crore hidden in shampoo bottles, foreign woman arrested at Mumbai airport

A foreign woman has been arrested with cocaine at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. Cocaine worth around Rs 19 crore was seized when DRI officials searched the woman's luggage. Even the officials were stunned to see the tricks he used to hide the drugs.

Surat: In the suicide case of a female policeman, the cyber crime constable was questioned, is a love affair responsible for the incident?

Constable Prashant Bhonye has been interrogated by the police while serving in cyber crime in connection with the female constable suicide case in Surat. The police suspect that a love affair is responsible for the matter. Police are trying to get to the root of the incident based on the constable's inquiries.

Badayon double murder case: There was no quarrel, Agashi was killed, the son did wrong, the mother of the accused gave many explanations

Police are busy looking for the second accused, Javed. The police have also investigated the criminal history of both the accused. The mother of the murder accused has made many revelations during the police interrogation. Accused Sajid killed 12-year-old Ayush and 8-year-old Ahan alias Honey with a sharp weapon.

Surat: 3 Zholachhap doctors caught for demanding treatment on patients

In Surat, the raft of Zholachhap doctors has burst. 3 bogus doctors practicing medicine without degree have been caught. This Zholachhap doctor had worked as a compounder in different hospitals who became a doctor himself in course of time.

Ahmedabad: 5 arrested in Gujarat University riot case, foreign students will now be kept in NRI hostel

There has been a riot in the name of religion in the campus of Gujarat University in Ahmedabad. While some foreign Muslim students were offering namaz, some people protested. After which there was commotion and fights in the university. In this matter, 5 people have been arrested and a case has been registered against 25 people.

Lo Bolo... Fight broke out in restaurant after not getting extra sambar, father-son killed supervisor

The incident is from A2B Restaurant located on Pammal Road. Where Arun was working as a supervisor in A2B restaurant. During a fight in this restaurant, a supervisor was killed in a brawl.

Bihar connection of fake visa; Account in Betiya – Office in Muzaffarpur, the fraud was being done in the name of remittance abroad

Mastermind Rizvi alias Jaiprakash, who is hiding in Delhi, has foreign connections in different cities of Aurangabad, Delhi and Bihar in Maharashtra. Police are taking mobile locations of 4 including Rizvi alias Jaiprakash.

Surat: Suspicious amount of ghee found in Palsana, ghee worth 24 lakh rupees was seized and sample sent for testing

Surat: Ghee is considered beneficial. According to experts, eating ghee keeps the digestive process healthy. Reduces the risk of heart disease. Cholesterol levels are maintained. Along with this it works to strengthen the bones and keep the skin healthy. But a case has come to light in Surat that ghee does not improve health but makes health worse.