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RBI took huge action against Yes Bank and ICICI Bank, fined crores

According to the RBI, two of the country's largest banks have violated central bank regulations, due to which the RBI has imposed a penalty of crores on two of the country's private banks. A fine of Rs 91 lakh and Rs 1 crore has been imposed on the banks. The impact of RBI's action can also be seen on bank shares on Tuesday.

PM Modi said, I became 'slander proof' in 24 years, Bengal will be the best performing state

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that for the last 24 years, I have become profanity-proof. Who said the merchant of death, one of our colleagues in the parliament counted 101 slurs. It has become the nature of the people of the opposition to say abusive language.

Caution! After Corona, another deadly virus was prepared in Chinese lab, know the name and how it was prepared

Where 5 years ago the corona virus wreaked havoc across the world in which lakhs of people lost their lives, it was claimed that it was prepared in a Chinese lab. However, after this, China has started working on another virus.

Relief news for gold buyers, big fall in silver too, know why prices are falling for 4 consecutive days

The price of gold has become a hot topic of discussion. Importantly, silver made its all-time high on May 20, 2024. The price of silver touched Rs 95,267 per kg on this day, but since then its price has been falling every day. Similarly, the price of gold has also decreased.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi captured the beauty of Himachal Pradesh on camera, watch the video

BJP's Lok Sabha election candidate and Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut promoted the beauty of Himachal Pradesh by clicking photos in beautiful locations. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also on the election tour of Himachal Pradesh and he has captured the beauty of this place on camera.

Big sea disaster on India! Relam Cyclone may assume severe form, more impact will occur in this state

There are signs of a major marine disaster in the country. At 8:30 am the dip has turned into a depression. The cyclone is moving steadily in the Bay of Bengal. The cyclone, which has turned into a deep depression, is moving at a speed of 8 kmph. The depression is 580 km away from West Bengal.

Next 48 hours more dangerous in India! Heavy rain forecast with gusty winds in the area

The system active in the Bay of Bengal is being monitored by Sky Met, a private meteorological organization. After that, we will know how the atmosphere will be in the country. According to the Sky Met report, a low pressure situation has developed over the South-West Bay of Bengal.

Residents of the state should be prepared to bear the extreme heat, there will be no reduction in heat till April 25

The residents of the state still have to be prepared for severe heat for the next 6 days. According to meteorologist Paresh Goswami, there is no sign of heat reduction in the state till April 25. Especially in Bhavnagar, Amreli, Junagadh in Saurashtra, the temperature is expected to remain high.

The originator of terror is hungry for flour today, PM Modi lashed out at Pakistan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted Pakistan while campaigning in Madhya Pradesh's Damoh. He said that today the condition of many countries in the world is very bad. Many countries are going bankrupt. A neighboring country of ours, which was a supplier of terrorism, is now scrambling to get flour.

Rajasthan Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Updates: Voting continues on 12 seats, 114 candidates are in the fray

Voting for 12 Lok Sabha seats of Rajasthan has started today i.e. on 19th April. A total of 114 candidates are in the fray for these seats. 2.54 crore voters will be able to exercise their franchise for 12 Lok Sabha seats. Tight security arrangements have been made around the booth.