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Sunita Williams : Sunita Williams is followed by thousands of people on X, know how many people she follows

Sunita Williams Twitter : Sunita Williams, trapped in the NASA-Boeing Starliner, runs only one social media account. Indian-American astronauts share their latest updates on this account. Let us know about Williams' social media presence and see how many followers she has.
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Sunita Williams Stuck in Space: Indian-origin American astronaut Sunita Williams is being discussed everywhere. A NASA-Boeing Starliner spacecraft stuck in space at the Williams International Space Station. Their return to Earth is constantly being delayed. He is accompanied by Butch Wilmore, who is awaiting his return from space.

A helium gas leak and a thrust failure in Starliner have left two astronauts awaiting their return. Williams is a very experienced astronaut and has a huge fan following on social media.

Considered one of the world's most experienced astronauts, Williams has thousands of followers on social media for her achievements. But have you ever thought about how many people he follows in front of him? Before looking at Williams' list, let's find out which social media platforms she has accounts on.

Social media account of Sunita Williams

Sunita Williams is part of the Boeing Starliner crew and runs only one social media account. Elon Musk has an account on the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter), with the username @Astro_Suni. Their relationship with this platform is very old. He created his official account on X (then Twitter) in March 2012.

Followers of Sunita Williams

As a veteran astronaut who spent a record-breaking 322 days in space. Sunita Williams has made her place as a role model for many. His impressive career and record spacewalks have thousands of followers. According to Williams' followers list, more than 78 thousand people follow him on X.

Williams follows 126 accounts on X. Most of these selected accounts are former accounts of NASA related organizations. Williams also follows Randhir Jaiswal (@MEAIindia), the official spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. His list mostly includes accounts of people and organizations related to space.

The Boeing Starliner was launched on June 5. When Williams last posted on X on June 11. This has been posted while she was present in space. In this post, Williams mentions the three manned spacecraft that were once aboard the International Space Station – Boeing Starliner, SpaceX Crew Dragon and Soyuz MS-25.

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