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If you use 2 sim cards in one phone then now you have to pay extra charge! Know the new plan of TRAI

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, abbreviated as TRAI, is concerned about misuse of mobile numbers. In such a situation, TRAI has come up with a new plan. Under which the telecom companies can charge additional charges for the mobile numbers allotted to the customers. The new economic burden that telecom companies can throw on mobile users. Let's know about TRAI new scheme.
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If you are using 2 SIM cards in your mobile phone, it means that one card is used daily while the other card is used occasionally. That is, second SIM card remains in inactive mode, then now you may have to pay extra charges on such SIM card. This charge can be taken per month or even annually. TRAI plans to charge mobile operators for mobile phone or landline numbers. In such a situation, the mobile operators can recover this charge from the users.

Charges may be levied by telecom companies

According to TRAI, mobile operators are not shutting down SIM cards that are not in active mode for a long time, due to the fear of losing the company's user base. While according to the rules, there is a provision to blacklist the SIM card if it is not recharged for a long time. In such a situation, TRAI has planned to impose penalties on mobile operators. The burden of which can be passed on by the telecom companies to the common users.

Why is the charge levied?

According to media reports, the country is facing the problem of shortage of mobile numbers. It is believed that most of the mobile users use two SIM cards in their smartphones. In this, one SIM card remains in active mode, while the use of the other SIM card is very limited. or is inactive. Also, some users use more than one mobile SIM card. In such a situation, now the scheme of charging on mobile number has been made by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

More than 2 crore mobile numbers inactive

According to a TRAI report, more than 219.14 million mobile numbers in India are currently in the blacklisting category. These are mobile numbers which are not active for a long time. Such numbers account for about 19 percent of the total mobile numbers. Which is a big problem because others cannot be allotted these numbers. It may be mentioned here that the government has the right over mobile number spacing. The government itself issues a series of mobile numbers to mobile operators. TRAI says that mobile numbers are available in limited quantities. In such a situation it should be used properly.

Rates charged for mobile numbers in this country

Telecom companies in countries like Australia, Singapore, Belgium, Finland, UK, Lithuania, Greece, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Nigeria, South Africa and Denmark charge for mobile numbers.

Premium numbers will be auctioned

Apart from this, premium mobile numbers can be auctioned up to 50 thousand rupees. Just like RTO registration numbers are auctioned in the auto industry, premium numbers can also be auctioned in the telecom sector. In auctioning such premium numbers, telecom companies can give their customers an option to choose between 100 and 300 numbers.

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