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KTM is bringing a bike with an automatic gearbox, getting rid of the hassle of frequent gear changes

Plans for a semi-automatic gearbox were announced by KTM in 2023. Now this plan may be implemented soon, as the company has released a teaser of the bike with AMT gear. In this bike you will not need to change gears often.
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While riding a bike there is a need to change gears frequently. If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the bike, you have to press the clutch to change the gear. So cars also have the same system. But cars have started getting automatic gearboxes, which has freed people from the hassle of changing gears frequently. But this is not the case with bikes. Even today most bikes come with a manual gearbox. However, KTM has released a teaser of the new bike, which will come with an AMT gearbox.

KTM, known for making adventure and sports bikes, has previewed the new bike. Its name is KTM 1390 Super Adventure. The biggest feature of this bike is that it will have automatic gearbox support. Automatic transmission technology will accelerate the overall development of motorcycles.

Automatic gearbox in KTM bikes

KTM's new motorcycle uses an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) gearbox. This shows that motorcycle development is rapidly moving towards automatic transmission. We already see automatic gear technology in cars, but this is quite special for bikes.

In this way the gears of the bike will change

The bike shown by KTM with an automatic gearbox is actually a prototype. It has a foot gear lever and buttons on the handlebar to change gear. There is no clutch lever in this bike, which means you can only use the foot lever or handlebar buttons to change gears. KTM has given it an auto mode, so you can ride the bike without worrying about changing gears.

Automatic gearbox is nothing new in KTM's new bikes. Earlier, BMW and Honda have also launched bikes with automatic gear. KTM's AMT system differs from Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) in that KTM's system relies on an electrical actuator instead of a dual clutch system to change gears.

Honda's DCT also offers manual gear changes with a button or automatic cog change. So KTM's AMT allows for manual shifting of gears through the gear lever.

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