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After getting rid of her husband and getting married again, the mother brutally killed her innocent daughter, was arrested

A case of a mother brutally killing her own daughter has come to light. A mother living in Astodia area of ​​Ahmedabad has killed her 10-month-old daughter by stabbing her in the neck with a sharp weapon like a blade. It has been revealed that the reason for the murder was the mother's remarriage.
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Another case has come to the fore in Ahmedabad, embarrassing the relationship. A mother brutally killed her 10-month-old daughter. However, this incident of killing an innocent daughter without any reason has created a stir. The police have arrested the killer wife on the basis of the husband's complaint, but the police are also alerted to know the reason behind the girl's murder.

Thus, the mother has been given the place of God in the society and only a mother can understand the love and care of a daughter, but when this person kills an innocent girl raised in her stomach for nine months. Something similar has happened in Ahmedabad.

Killed by strangulation

The name of the woman arrested by the police at the Gaikwad police station in Ahmedabad is Rizwana Vadnagarwala. This woman has brutally killed her own 10-month-old daughter. The woman has been accused of killing her daughter for her own personal gain.

The fact is that two days ago on the evening of 6th, Rizwana took her ten-month-old daughter Fatima to the bathroom in her house at Astodia and killed her daughter by cutting her throat with her husband's shaving blade. However, she was taken to the hospital after stabbing him in the throat to treat the murder as a natural death, where the daughter died in the process. Realizing the incident, the husband filed a complaint against the wife at the police station

Killed for this reason

Gaikwad police arrested Rizwana and after questioning it came out that Rizwana was married to Amin three years ago. But Rizwana did not like her husband for some reason. So she had to get rid of her husband Amin and get married again. After which, he suddenly killed his ten-month-old daughter, thinking that the daughter would be too busy to get married again.

He has carried out this incident thinking that if he is with his daughter then no one else will marry him. However, the police inquiry did not reveal that Rizwana had any other love affair. The police interrogated Rizwana further and tried to find out how the murder was committed. In which Rizwana said that the girl had a throat infection and her medication was also running. So Rizwana stabbed the girl in the throat with a blade and told the family that suddenly something happened to the girl's throat. Under the pretext of which he was also taken to the hospital.

However, even in the police station, it is clear that Rizwana has no remorse for killing her baby girl. The police are now also investigating whether there is any other reason behind the girl's murder.

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