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While buying a silk or Banarasi saree on Holi, maintain it like this

From Banarasi, silk to Kanjeevaram, sarees look rich and classy for any occasion, but they require special care in maintenance, otherwise the luster of the fabric starts to fade. So let's know some tips that will keep your saree looking new for a long time.
4 Month ago

No matter the changes in fashion, women's love for handloom sarees never fades. If it is a family function or a festival, handloom sarees like Banarasi, Silk, Kanjivaram give a rich look. The festival of Holi will be celebrated on Monday March 25, 2024. If you are going to buy yourself a handloom saree this Holi, then first know how to maintain it.

Handloom sarees are also expensive and the luster of the fabric starts to fade if not maintained properly, so there are a few things to keep in mind while keeping these sarees, so that they have a long shelf life. So let's find out.

Don't make this mistake while keeping sarees in your closet

Often people keep naphthalene tablets between the folds to protect the garment from germs or damp smell, but if the handloom sarees are especially of silk fabric, don't put naphthalene tablets by mistake. Also, keep in mind that if you are hanging the saree in a hanger for a while, the hanger should not be made of metal, otherwise the fabric may get rust stains.

Thus increasing the lifespan of sarees

After folding the saree, most people either keep it directly in the cupboard or in a plastic bag, but handloom sarees are kept in a muslin cloth or cotton bag. After this you can put it in polythene if you want.

Keep drying after 3-4 months

Handloom sarees should be taken out of the cupboard after a few months and dried in a fan or open air. Keep turning them upside down with this. Avoid drying handloom sarees in strong sunlight.

Be careful while applying perfume on silk sarees

Everyone usually wears perfume these days, but if you're wearing a silk saree, try spraying from a distance. Because if too much perfume falls on the saree at once, it may stain the place.

Take care of these things too

Dry clean handloom sarees if possible and try not to keep any heavy items on these sarees. Store it in a place where there is no danger of moisture getting into its fabric.

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