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AHMEDABAD: Godowns had to be rented after losing in cricket betting

After losing lakhs of rupees in cricket betting, the youth went to Rawad by stealing. Earlier, he used to steal motorcycles and hire passengers in Rapido service to support his household. On the way to drop off a passenger, he saw a closed building and decided to steal. After which there was a gap in the theft, he carried out many thefts.
4 Month ago

A few days ago in Maninagar area of ​​Ahmedabad, a complaint of theft of valuables worth 11.80 lakh including gold and silver jewelery and cash was registered from a locker kept in a cupboard in a flat. In which the police have arrested Paresh Soni who lives in Nikol area on the basis of CCTV footage. When the police interrogated Paresh Soni, he confessed that he had stolen the flat a few days ago.

The police arrested the accused Paresh Soni and seized more than seven lakh worth of items including gold and silver jewellery, couple watches, foreign currency, mobile phones, imitation jewellery, laptops of different companies, theft tools, stolen Activa. The police interrogating the accused Paresh Soni revealed that the accused Paresh lives with his parents and wife in Vastral area and in the last four months he had committed twelve thefts from different areas like Maninagar, Vatwa, Navarangpura, Shahpur, Ramol, University.

Debt in speculations led to theft

Preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the accused Paresh Soni had incurred a debt of Rs 15 lakh in cricket betting and had no business. His family was dependent on himself so he initially stole a motorcycle which he used to hire passengers to the Rapido service.

One day when he was going to drop off a passenger, he saw a locked house and since no one was around, he decided to steal into the house. After which he used to get involved in theft, he used to target closed houses and carry out the thefts by breaking the locks and locks.

Godowns kept for stolen goods

When the police interrogated the accused Paresh, a shocking fact also came to light. The accused kept a special arrangement for keeping stolen goods, tools for melting stolen goods, stolen goods. In which he also rented an office as a godown in Odhav area where he kept all the stolen goods.

Currently, the Maninagar police have arrested the accused Paresh Soni and solved the problem of twelve thefts and seized more than seven lakh worth of valuables. The police are now probing whether accused Prakas has committed any theft other than 12 thefts. Also, the police is investigating whether any other person is involved in the theft.

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