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Mata Mansa Devi Temple: Drops of nectar fell on this Shaktipeeth, seven snakes protect the Goddess.

Mata Mansa Devi Haridwar: Everyone knows the story of the creation of 52 Shaktipeeths of Mata, but during the churning of the ocean some drops of nectar also fell in some places. Today we will tell you about the story of this temple.

Make a plan to go to Sasan Gir for these 3 days in the month of June, have fun in the mango orchard

Summer is called the hot month. Summer vacation is also very good because during this time school-college is closed in the month of June. Due to this, children enjoy vacation. Vacationing kids insist on going on trips, waiting for long weekends because parents don't have vacations. So you can plan to go on this 3 day trip in the month of June.

What is DNA? How is DNA test done? Why does the test report take time? know

DNA, which stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, is a test that gives very accurate information about our genes or ancestry. Let us tell you that there are millions of cells in our body. Except for red blood cells, all other cells contain genetic coding, which is DNA.

A three-day BSF Boot Camp was held at Suigam, a unique experience for the youth

A three-day boot camp was conducted by the BSF. Which was planned as the fifth version. The initiative was inspired by the vision of border tourism. Along with this, BSF organized a camp for youth to join national security and to strengthen discipline and physical fitness.

After 48 hours of polling, why doesn't the Election Commission want to release the data of Form 17C, What is Form 17C?

Five phases of Lok Sabha elections are over, the upcoming sixth phase will be held tomorrow Saturday 25th May. But many issues are being discussed regarding the election.

Weather expert Ambalal Patel has predicted monsoon, torrential rain will rain in Gujarat from this date

Meteorologist Ambalal Patel has predicted monsoon in the state. Monsoon can be officially set in the state from June 14. Regarding the monsoon this year, Ambalal Patel has said that there may be heavy to very heavy rains in the state in July and August.

Unseasonal rain forecast in Gujarat, Agriculture Director appeals to farmers to take precautionary measures

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there will be rain in Gujarat for the next four days. Crops are sometimes damaged due to unseasonal rains. As a precaution, the Agriculture Directorate has asked the farmers of the state to take precautionary measures.

Allegations of massive malpractice in Gujarat Fire Department, letter written to Chief Minister, know what is in the letter

A letter has been written to the CM that the chief officer of the fire department has committed misconduct. In this complaint, it has been alleged that tenders worth crores of fire have been fixed and stolen repeatedly. It has been alleged that the tender for the 27 meter turntable ladders was awarded to a particular company.

Two giants of chemical sector join hands, Aarti Industries and UPL form JV for chemical supply

Two major companies in the chemical sector, UPL and Aarti Industries have signed the agreement. This contract is specifically for chemical supply. The news came after shares of Aarti Industries Ltd fell half a percent to close at Rs 626 on Thursday.

Railway Jobs 2024 : Golden Job Opportunity in Railways, Vacancy for 9144 Posts, Apply Here

Railway Jobs 2024: Indian Railways has announced the recruitment for more than 9000 posts. These 9000 technicians will be recruited in different departments of the country. Here we will tell you how to apply for it.