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Maharashtra: After heavy rain, a huge crocodile appeared on the road of Ratnagiri, people were scared to see it, watch the video

A crocodile was spotted roaming on the road by local people on Sunday amid heavy rain near Shivnadi in Chiplun taluka of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. This crocodile roaming on the road was 8 feet and terrifying to watch. In a video of the incident that went viral on social media, a crocodile can be seen roaming on the road
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Locals spotted a crocodile roaming on the road near Shivnadi in Chiplun taluka of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, amid heavy rain on Sunday. This 8 feet crocodile was really scary. In the video that went viral on social media related to the incident, a crocodile can be seen roaming on the road. The number of crocodiles in Ratnagiri district is increasing day by day. According to the information received, the information about this was repeatedly given by the citizens to the municipality and the forest department. It is claimed that no action has been taken in this matter despite the complaint.

In the video that has surfaced, it can be seen that vehicles are moving on the road and suddenly come across a huge crocodile, people and vehicles are stopped, according to locals, the crocodile is seen in the river Shiva that flows through the city. It is suspected that the crocodile came out of the river due to heavy rains.

During the conservation of crocodiles, the question of safety of citizens has come to the fore, after the video came out, many questions are being raised.

According to the agency, the video was shot by an autorickshaw driver in Chiplun's Chinchanaka area amidst continuous rain. A few other vehicles are also seen in the video, including an autorickshaw with its headlights on and videoing the crocodile, but the crocodile is enraged by the headlights shining in front of it.

A ferocious crocodile came on the public road

In a video surfaced on social media, it can be seen how the crocodile roams the road and comes close to the vehicles plying on the road. Vehicles stop on the road due to the presence of crocodiles. Let us tell you that due to heavy rains, the water level of rivers increases and crocodiles come out and start walking on the road.

Thus, when the crocodile came out, panic spread among the people of the nearby area. On the other hand, people traveling on the road also face difficulties.

A similar incident has also happened in Vadodara

Earlier, in a similar incident, a crocodile was spotted near Vishwamitri river after the arrival of monsoon in Vadodara, Gujarat.

A 12-foot crocodile emerged from Vadodara's Vishwamitri river, a common occurrence in the region during monsoons. The crocodile was later caught by the forest officials and released in the river.

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