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70 crores for 7 minutes, better action than RRR, this will be the story of Ramcharan's film

Ramcharan is in news for his next project. Currently he has many films in his account. A 'game changer' is coming this year. He will be accompanied by Kiara Advani. The story of the film is known even before its release. Apart from this, money has been spent like water on the film. Crores of rupees were spent on 7 minutes of action scenes.
4 Month ago

After the success of 'RRR', Ramcharan is in demand. He has two big budget South films. So he will also be seen in two Bollywood films. The film was announced in the year 2022 with the title of RC15. His title was finalized in the very next year i.e. 2023. Which is – a game changer. Veteran director of Tamil cinema S. This movie is being produced by Shankar. Who has made movies like 'Nayak' and 'Robot'.

The film may release on Christmas this year

The film was made for Rs 250 crore. But as it was being produced, its budget kept increasing. Everyone is still waiting for the release date of the movie. But it is being said that the film may release on Christmas this year. Along with this, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar's film is also coming. That means a great collision is certain. Now the story of the picture is known.

Ramcharan will be seen in a double role in this film

Recently at an Amazon event, some details regarding Ramcharan's film were revealed. Recently it was known that Ramcharan is going to play a double role in this film. He is going to play father-son. Not only that, producer Dil Raju wanted to make it on a bigger scale. Due to which money is being wasted like water.

The story of Ramcharan's film came to light

Karthik Subbaraj has written the story of Ramcharan's next film 'Game Changer'. Recently the makers have shared some details. It is learned that the story of the film will be based on an IAS officer. which tries to fight corruption. Many reports said that he will be in a double role. One is to play the role of the father and the other is to play the role of the son. Where the father will play the role of the chief minister of a state. The name of the party will be- Abhyudayam. While son's character will be that of an IAS officer. Both the characters will meet each other and then the story will be shown.

This movie is being considered as a political thriller

While Kiara Advani will enter with the character of son. There was a similar story in the movie 'Indian'. However, apart from the dual role of father and son, they are not the same anywhere. It is being called a political thriller. On which the attention of the election system will be focused.

50 crore spent on songs!

It is learned that Ramcharan's film will have five songs. Different choreographers were hired for each song. Names of Choreographers included in this list include Natu-Natu's Prem Rakshit, Zoome Jo Pathan's Bosco Martis, Ganesh Acharya, Jani Master and Prabhudeva. It is also being said that up to 15 crore rupees have been spent on a single song. According to media reports, the makers have spent 40-50 crore rupees on the songs alone.

1200 stunt performers were brought in for the climax scene

The makers have planned something bigger than RRR in this film. For this film, Ramcharan will be seen acting on a bigger level than RRR. It is learned that 1200 stunt actors have been roped in for the film's climax scene. The action scenes were shot in Hyderabad for 20 days. There is such a train action scene in the film. Which will make a fuss. 70 crore rupees have been spent behind this seven minute sequence.


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