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Who is the owner of the world's best whiskey making company? 70,000 crores worth of assets

World Best Whiskey: Whiskey made in India has won the title of being the best in the world. Whiskey brands from Scotland, Ireland and Japan were leading in this challenge but the title went to India. Amrit Distilleries has received the title of 'World's Best Whisky' in London. In such a situation let's know the owner of this whiskey brand and how much wealth he has?
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World Best Whiskey : Good news for wine lovers. In fact, whiskey made in India has earned the title of the best whiskey in the world. Yes, Amrit Distilleries has got the title of 'World's Best Whisky'. Amrit Distilleries' win at the 2024 International Spirit Challenge in London was a landmark moment for India's spirits industries.

The 29th edition of the challenge features top whiskey brands from around the world. Scotland, Ireland and Japan were at the forefront, but the title has gone to India. In such a situation let's know the owner of this whiskey brand and how much wealth he has?

Whiskey is famous in India and abroad

Amrit is India's first single malt whisky. Today it is famous in the country and abroad. The brand was started by JN Radhakrishna Rao Jagdale in 1948 after independence. He was succeeded by his son Neelkanth Jagdal. Amrit Distilleries initially produced Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL).

It was mostly supplied to canteen stores in Karnataka and Kerala. The main distillery that exists today was built in 1987. It is in Kambipura and is spread over four acres.

JN Rao Jagdale died in 1976. After him his son Neelkanth Rao Jagdale took charge of the company. He became the CMD of the company. Under his leadership, Amrit Distilleries has scaled new heights. The company has made great strides and has earned a great name in the industry.

This is the net worth

After the death of his father Rakshit N. Jagdal has carried this legacy forward. He has taken over as Managing Director. Rakshit has made several important changes to meet the needs of the modern market. In the year 2022, Jagdale said, Amrit is going to launch a new brand 'Single Malts of India'.

Through this project, Amrit will buy base spirit from different parts of India and mature it in different ways and sell it. The first result of this research was Amrit Needhal peated Indian whisky. It was made from a base spirit brought from the coastal regions of India.

How much does a bottle cost?

According to a Mint Lounge report, 1,200 of its 12,000 bottles were sold in India for Rs 5,996. According to media reports, the total net worth of the Jagdale family is more than Rs 70,000 crore.

In the year 2004, this whiskey was launched in Scotland under the name 'Amrut Single Malt Whisky'. Within two years of its launch in Britain, it was also found in Scandinavia and Western Europe. In August 2009 Amrit single malt whiskey was launched in Australia. Then in 2008 in South Africa. In this way he has made his mark all over the world.

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