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You won't get fat soon with this breakfast plate:

you will get rid of obesity, you will also get satisfaction from eating, the risk of these 8 serious diseases will be avoided
2 Month ago

According to a research conducted by the National Library of Medicine, people's feelings of satisfaction with food are decreasing. Even after a full meal, the stomach feels empty, in this quest they seek something spicy or sweet. Their quest is fulfilled by consuming junk food and sweets, but still not feeling satisfied. This puts your health at risk.

Recently, a study on this has been published in the Journal of Dairy Science. According to this, including a protein-rich dairy product in the breakfast increases the feeling of satiety and also develops the ability to concentrate.

Today in 'Healthy Water' we will know how breakfast affects your health. You will also know-

Why is breakfast the most important diet?

How to increase concentration?

What kind of breakfast should we give children?

How will the feeling of satisfaction arise?

How many health benefits?

Eat a full breakfast
You must have heard that if you want to stay fit, you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. This means that breakfast should be very nutritious and filling. You can eat your favorite food during the day. Then at night light food like dal or khichdi should be eaten.

Having a nutritious breakfast is important, because you are going to start fresh after being hungry all night. This will provide fresh nutrition to your body. This breakfast determines how energetic you will be mentally and physically throughout the day. Current research also reinforces this point.

A high-protein breakfast increases satiety and concentration
According to Mette Hansen, a professor in the Department of Public Health at Aarhus University in Denmark and author of this Danish study, a high-protein breakfast with dairy products and oats increases both satiety and concentration.

If you feel satisfied after breakfast in the morning, you will not wander in search of taste throughout the day. This will also save you from eating junk food and too much fried food. You will develop a habit of eating healthy food, which will keep you away from obesity.

A high protein breakfast plate can also keep you from obesity. There are two major arguments behind this-

  • Many studies show that people who eat breakfast every day have a lower body mass index (BMI) than people who don't eat breakfast.
  • According to this Danish study, having too many carbs and fat on your breakfast plate can increase your obesity. While high-protein breakfasts protect you from obesity.

Skin will also glow
if you use dairy products like milk, curd or cheese for protein rich breakfast. Along with protein, you will also get nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. This probiotic dairy product helps keep your gut health healthy. It increases the collagen in the body and the skin starts to glow naturally. Wrinkles do not come quickly.

Muscles will grow stronger
To build muscles you need the most protein in your diet. Eating enough protein every day will strengthen your muscles. Even if you do physical work, muscles will develop. If you are going through a weight loss process, then adequate protein intake becomes even more essential, as during this period the most damage due to dieting is done to the muscles.

Reduces the risk of osteoporosis
There is a myth that protein is bad for your bones. It is believed that protein increases the acid load in the body and calcium is released from the bones to neutralize this acid.

However, according to a study by the National Library of Medicine, protein is very beneficial for bone health. People who eat more protein have better bones as they age. Such people have a very low risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

No risk of heart attack
High blood pressure is responsible for most cases of heart attack, stroke and chronic kidney disease. Interestingly, high protein intake controls blood pressure.

In addition, a high protein diet also lowers LDL cholesterol (bad) and triglycerides. All these together reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Don't think too much about the kidneys
It is a common belief that consuming too much protein damages the kidneys. This is true, but high protein usually only harms people with kidney problems. If both your kidneys are healthy, the risk of developing such a problem is very low.

Recovery after injury will be faster

Eating a high protein diet helps you recover after an injury, because the muscles and tissues in your body are made only of protein, which is why doctors recommend consuming as much protein as possible to help recover from an injury.

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