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Will Taapsee Pannu marry her long time boyfriend or not? The actress broke the silence

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is currently in the limelight for her marriage news. According to a report, she is going to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend, badminton player Matthias Boye. Taapsee Pannu's reaction has come out on this. So know what the actress said?
2 Month ago

On February 27, Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has suddenly come into the limelight. According to a report, she is getting married to her long-time boyfriend, badminton player Matthias Boye. After this news came out, discussions of her marriage started. From her boyfriend to her wedding venue, there are a lot of such discussions going on. Amidst all this, Taapsee Pannu has reacted on it.

In an interview, he was asked about the ongoing debate about his marriage. But Taapsee did not say anything clear about it. Taapsee simply said, “I have never clarified my personal life to anyone and never will.” It is not clear from her reply whether she is getting married or not.

Taapsee and Maithias will get married in Udaipur in March!

A report said that Taapsee and Mathias are going to get married in Udaipur in March. It is being said that only family members and close friends will be present in this wedding. Bollywood stars will not be present in this wedding function. It was also said that the two would get married as per Sikh and Christian customs. Let us tell you that Matthias Boye is a former badminton player from Denmark who retired four years ago in 2020.

Talking about Taapsee Pannu's professional life, she was seen in the movie 'Dunky' with Shahrukh Khan in December last year. After creating a buzz in the theatres, this film is now creating a buzz on Netflix. The film was released on OTT on 14 February. Since then it has been continuously trending on Netflix. Let us tell you that the fans loved the story of this film and the film earned more than 450 crores worldwide.

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