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Why is Rajkot police running away from the media in the TRP Gamezone fire investigation? A new committee was formed after the order of the High Court

Although the state government has formed a seat to find out the truth about the Rajkot Gamezone fire incident, many questions have been raised against the seat. The Gujarat High Court has also taken cognizance of this and the government has been in a state of chaos. Even after the High Court's order, the government was seen as faltering in the formation of a new committee in the fire incident, in which an inquiry committee of three IAS officers was formed today for the departmental inquiry.
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In the TRP game zone fire incident in Rajkot, the Gujarat government has formed an investigation committee of three IAS officers after the order of the High Court. This committee has been formed for a departmental investigation. IAS P Swarup, Manisha Chandra and Rajkumar Beniwal have been included in the committee. This committee will determine the responsibility of all the officials of the GameZone from its foundation to the fire. In which this committee will determine the responsibility of which officer worked and who did not work, after 15 days by July 2, the committee will hand over the investigation report.

Why is the police running away from the media in the fire investigation?

An investigation committee of the Rajkot Crime Branch is investigating the fire incident that took place on May 25 in Rajkot. The committee has so far arrested 10 accused out of which 9 accused are in jail while one accused is on police remand. Even though the incident has passed so many days, Rajkot police has not given any official statement regarding this in front of the media. When a crime was registered by the police in the whole incident, the then police commissioner Raju Bhargava held a press conference and after that a press note was released by the crime branch, but no information has been revealed in the media, many questions are being raised against the police investigation.

If the investigation is going on impartially and neutrally as well as in-depth, then despite the passing of so many days, why the questions are not being answered in front of the media cameras, the big question is being raised. Whether it is the victim's family or the general public of Rajkot, everyone is aware of the investigation through the media, but the police have seen many reasons for keeping a distance from the media in this case.

Police Commissioner before the Congress described the news in the media as insufficient and false

On the one hand, Rajkot Police Commissioner Brajesh Jha and his team are not giving enough information to the media and on the other hand, when the Congress delegation went to meet the TRP game zone with the demand of neutral investigation, the police commissioner described the news in the media as insufficient and false. Not only did the media raise questions on many issues from the role of officers-officers in the TRP Game Zone matter, but the information was conveyed to the public by getting information privately from the sources, but the police commissioner is finding all these news to be false and insufficient. It may be that if there is a discrepancy between some news and investigation issues, then why Rajkot police is not giving information about it.

There is a question in the mind of every citizen of Rajkot and victim's family. Whether there is involvement of officials or any big head in this case, the arrested accused did not do this demolition at the behest of whom, this game zone, which has been buzzing for four years, was running with the blessing of which the police have not given an answer yet. 9 of the 10 accused have been taken into judicial custody but the press note released by the police did not reveal any information except the role of the accused present at the scene and the negligence of the officers in their responsibility.

Cyber's press conference was not even held due to fear of TRP fire questions

On June 14, the state police chief Vikas Sahai had instructed to hold a press conference in every district and commissionerate area of ​​the state to inform the public about the awareness of cybercrime, however in Rajkot this instruction was not followed and the police was satisfied with just giving a press note that cybercrime may be in the limelight. The officers, who are on duty, are also the SIT heads of the crime branch and may be busy with investigations, but are not holding press conferences and are questioning the police. If a press conference was held, one thing was certain that the journalists were also likely to throw questions at the police regarding the fire investigation issues which are in the minds of the people and that is why the police did not hold this press conference.

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