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Why can't a thermometer be taken inside an airplane? Know how dangerous this thing is

If you have traveled on a flight or are about to travel for the first time, you may know that thermometers are not allowed on the plane. What is in a thermometer that could prove dangerous to an airplane? Read its complete details further.
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If someone close to you is sick and you are going to travel with them on a plane, be careful. If you carry a thermometer in your luggage to check a patient's temperature, know that it will not be allowed on the airplane. Carrying thermometers on planes is prohibited. Doing so can be dangerous. Let's understand the whole matter further.

There are two types of thermometers. One is a normal mercury thermometer and the other is a digital thermometer. A normal thermometer cannot be taken on the plane but you can carry a digital thermometer with you.

Carrying a mercury thermometer is dangerous

The thermometer contains liquid mercury inside and can be harmful to aluminum. Aluminum is also used in airplanes. If a mercury thermometer is accidentally broken, it can quickly react with aluminum present on the plane, posing a risk to passengers and crew members. Therefore, mercury thermometers are not allowed to be carried on airplanes, neither in carry-on baggage nor in checked baggage.

Digital and infrared thermometers

Digital thermometers do not contain mercury and are therefore safe to carry on airplanes. Additionally, infrared thermometers are also safe to carry on airplanes. You can carry a digital/infrared thermometer in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage. However, some airlines may have their own rules, so it's always best to confirm with your airline if you plan to carry a thermometer.

If the rules are not followed, action may be taken

If you ignore the rules and somehow try to carry a thermometer on the plane, you may face strict action. You may also be jailed and banned from future air travel.

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