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Who cheated father-in-law Shahid Afridi, now son-in-law Shahin rejects multi-crore contract with him

Shaheen Afridi has severed ties with England's The Hundred League. He joined the league last season and took 6 wickets while playing for the Wales Fire team. But, this time he has decided not to play in The Hundred to spend time with his family.
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Between T20 World Cup 2024, a news related to Shaheen Afridi is coming to light. This news is about Shahin's new contract. The Pakistan fast bowler is rumored to be playing in the Canada Global T20 League. This is the latest development regarding Shaheen Afridi after he terminated his contract with England's League One Hundred. Shaheen refused to play with The Hundred for the second consecutive season, citing the need to spend time with his family. He was part of the Wales Fire Team in The Hundred.

Shaheen Afridi will not play in 'The Hundred'

Shaheen Afridi played his first season with the Wales Fire team in The Hundred last year. Then he took 6 wickets in 6 matches. After playing the first season, the Wales Fire team retained him for this year's season as well. For this he also paid more than 1 crore 66 lakh rupees to Shaheen. But, Shaheen has decided to break the contract and not play in The Hundred League in the year 2024. The ECB has also now approved its separation from The Hundred.

Expressed sadness at not playing with Wales Fire

After leaving The Hundred, Shaheen Afridi has released a statement. He has said he is sad not to play for Wales Fire this year. Last season was a lot of fun. Enjoyed playing. Shaheen specifically mentioned Wales Fire coach Mike Hussey in his statement. And wished the team all the best for the 2024 season.

Shaheen can join the Canada Global T20 League

After parting ways with The Hundred, Shaheen Shah Afridi is now reported to play in the upcoming season of the Canada Global T20 League. For this their conversation is going on. It means that there is no official announcement about his playing yet.

Shahid Afridi made the allegation

Canada Global T20 is the same cricket league whose franchise owners accused Shahid Afridi, Shahid's father-in-law, of not paying dues. Shahid Afridi made this public by writing on his X handle, in which he also tagged the ICC. According to Shahid Afridi, the league franchise has not paid the dues of many players including him. In such a situation, it will be very interesting to see if his son-in-law i.e. Shaheen Afridi joins this league now or not.

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