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Whatsapp new update, no one can cheat even if they want, turn on this feature

Whatsapp has brought a new feature. With the help of which you can block Spam Messages on Lock Screen itself. This is why it will save you a lot of time and also make it easier for you to block them.
3 Month ago

WhatsApp has changed a lot over time. The company has also made many changes to the app. This has been decided to make the application easier for the users. WhatsApp has a new feature. This will help users to deal with the problem of Spam Messages. Apart from this, this feature can save you a lot of time. So let's know more about it.

Can block from lock screen

After WhatsApp updated the new feature you can block spam messages directly from the lock screen. In such a situation you can block the spam message directly and you don't need to waste time. Because you can block this message directly on the lock screen itself. That means you don't need to navigate to the app and it will start working directly.

The company is also doing a lot of work on privacy and security

In such a situation, spam messages are not a big problem for WhatsApp users. This is also being done to avoid fraud schemes. Although WhatsApp has been working on it for quite some time, it has finally been rolled out for users. Users can easily send messages with the help of the latest feature. This means that the company is also working hard on privacy and security.

You can send cross-platform messages

Additionally, cross-platform messaging support will also be provided by WhatsApp. That means you can contact each other with the help of any app. This means you don't need to resort to WhatsApp to communicate. It used to be that both users had to come to the same platform to send a message.

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