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What is the real motive behind the marriage of Kala Jathedi and Anuradha? The hidden secrets of both are revealed

Kaala Jathedi and Anuradha are married, but after that the gangster will go behind the bars again. His list of crimes is long so the question arises as to why Anuradha is marrying him. An officer of Delhi Police has given two answers to this question.
4 Month ago

There is a strange commotion in the Dwarka area of ​​the country's capital Delhi. With the presence of policemen everywhere and heavy security, it looks like there is going to be a VIP movement here. Let us tell you that all these exercises are the marriage of notorious gangster Sandeep alias Kala Jathedi and his lover lady don Anuradha Chaudhary. After getting 6 hours of parole custody from the court, Kala Jathedi and Anuradha got married today at Santosh Garden Banquet Hall in Dwarka.

This wedding of a gangster and a lady don has taken place under strict police surveillance. Kaala Jathedi is involved in many high profile cases so it is only natural that his enemy gang would also have an eye on his marriage. In such a situation, Delhi Police has arranged very strict security under the foolproof plan.

Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion unit brought him from Tihar Jail to the Banquet Hall. At the same time, more than 200 policemen from Special Cell and Crime Branch, including SWAT commandos, have been deployed in and near the banquet hall. Special ID cards have also been issued to the staff of the banquet hall, so that no stranger can enter it.

Kala Jathedi and Anuradha are getting married for this

Here a question that is arising in everyone's mind is that many cases have been registered against Kala Jathedi under serious sections and after the marriage ceremonies she will be behind the bars again. So, why is Anuradha marrying him? According to a private portal report, a Delhi Police official said that both Kaala Jathedi and Anuradha have a special motive behind this marriage.

After marrying Anuradha, Kaala Jathedi will get a legitimate reason to repeatedly seek parole from the court. At the same time, Anuradha will also have a permanent place, where she can live with her in-laws i.e. Kala Jathedi's parents.

Both have got married in the year 2020

Let us tell you that Kala Jathedi is currently lodged in Delhi's Tihar Jail, while his girlfriend Anuradha Chaudhary is out on bail. The duo was arrested by the Special Cell from Saharanpur in UP in 2021, when Kala Jathedi and Anuradha were returning from hiding in Uttarakhand for 9 months. The two were kept in separate jails, but sources say Kala Jathedi and Anuradha remained in touch. There are also reports that the two got married in the year 2020 itself, but everything was kept very secret. However, now Anuradha has been repeatedly saying that the two never want to return to the world of crime after marriage.

Anuradhana has these two plans after marriage

Speaking to the media recently, Anuradha alias Madam Minz said that after marriage, she will have only one gang which will include her, her husband Sandeep, her in-laws, two brothers-in-law, their wives and their two people. Children and they will live like normal citizens.

Anuradha said that due to some reasons she had to enter the world of crime. She also said that after marrying Sandeep, she will start her share trading business again and also start an NGO, so that no one else like her is forced to take the path of crime.

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