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What is the case of handing over Kachathivu to Sri Lanka? Why Indira Gandhi handed over part of India to another country, know complete information

The issue of Kachchativu Island has heated up once again. BJP is making this an issue in Tamil Nadu. In 1974, Indira Gandhi decided to give this island to Sri Lanka. Know the whole story about this island
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Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's 1974 decision to cede Kachchathivu Island to Sri Lanka is becoming a major issue in Tamil Nadu during the Lok Sabha elections. BJP is attacking him fiercely. So let's know what is the case of Kachchativu and why Indira Gandhi gave this island to Sri Lanka? Let's find out here

Where is this island located?

Kachathivu Island is located between Nedunthivu in Sri Lanka and Rameswaram in India. It is a secluded place of 285 acres. Its length at its widest point does not exceed 1.6 km. It is located about 33 km north-east of Rameswaram from the Indian coast. It is about 62 km from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Traditionally fishermen from both sides have been using it. Kachchathivu Island is culturally important to the fishermen of Tamil Nadu. There have been several agitations in Tamil Nadu against handing him over to Sri Lanka.

What is the history of the island?

The island was formed after a volcanic eruption in the 14th century. In the medieval period, it was controlled by the Kingdom of Jaffna in Sri Lanka. In the 17th century, control passed to the Ramanada Zamindari, located about 55 km north-west of Ramanathapuram. It became part of the Madras Presidency during the British Raj. But in 1921, both India and Sri Lanka claimed the island to set fishing limits. The dispute was not resolved until 1974.

Why did Indira Gandhi hand over Kachathivu Island to Sri Lanka?

In 1974, Indira Gandhi tried to settle the maritime boundary between India and Sri Lanka once and for all. As part of this agreement, Indira Gandhi handed over Kachathivu to Sri Lanka. At the time, he thought that the island was of no strategic importance and ending India's claim to it would deepen ties with Sri Lanka. According to the agreement, Indian fishermen were still allowed to visit the island. Another agreement was reached in 1976 during the Emergency period in India. In this, any country would be prevented from fishing in another's exclusive economic zone. Due to which several fishermen of India were also imprisoned.

What was Tamil Nadu called?

In 1974, the then Foreign Secretary Kewal Singh informed the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi, of India's decision to give up its claim to Kachchathivu. The Foreign Secretary also told Karunanidhi that Sri Lanka had taken a very firm stand and informed the negotiators that the island was part of Jaffnapatnam in the Dutch and British maps.

Island handed over to Sri Lanka without consulting Tamil Nadu Assembly?

The island was given to Sri Lanka without consulting the Tamil Nadu Assembly. At that time there were huge protests against Indira Gandhi's move. After India's intervention in the Sri Lankan civil war in 1991, there were demands for the return of Kachchativu. In 2008, the then leader J. Jayalalithaa filed a petition in the court. It was said that Kachchativu cannot be handed over to any other country without a constitutional amendment. Last year, Tamil Nadu CM Stalin wrote to PM Modi before Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickremesinghe's visit to India. He asked to talk.

What did the Supreme Court say in this matter?

The then Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the Supreme Court in 2014, 'Kachchativu was given to Sri Lanka under an agreement in 1974. How can it be taken back today? If you want to get Kachchativu back, you have to fight to get it back.'

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