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What does airplane mode mean on a phone? If it is not activated in flight, what will be the damage to life and property

The silent mode of the smartphone is used in places, where no sound of any kind is allowed. Airplane mode is completely different from this. It is used to work without switching off the phone.
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The smartphone offers many modes, the main ones for users are silent mode and airplane mode. Mobile users know a lot about the phone's silent mode and activate it when needed, but users don't know much about the airplane mode. Due to which they are not properly aware of its usage and due to this reason many times mobile users do not activate airplane mode while traveling in flight.

Flight Activate airplane mode

If you also don't know about airplane mode, then this news is for you. Because here we will tell you in detail about the use of airplane mode and its benefits. After that you will activate the airplane mode while traveling in the flight.

What is Airplane Mode?

Before using airplane mode it is very important to know what is airplane mode? Let us tell you that Airplane mode is provided to reset the phone without switching it off. Activating this mode prevents your phone from getting any network, due to which no calls can be made and no calls can be received. However, Airplane mode is also used a lot in flight, which is very important.

What happens if you don't activate airplane mode in flight?

If you don't turn on the flight mode it can cause problems. It's not like keeping the phone on flight mode will crash the plane. But, so much will definitely happen that it will definitely cause trouble for the pilots flying the planes. Keeping a mobile connection on while in flight can affect the aircraft's communication system, causing difficulties for the pilot.

The pilot is always in touch with the radar and control room

Actually during the flight the pilot is always in contact with the radar and control room. But, they face the problem if the phone keeps on and they can't get notifications clearly and their connection has problem. In such a situation if your mobile or laptop is switched on during the flight, it may interfere with the radio frequency received by the pilot.

Suppose if many people do this in flight, it becomes very difficult for them. In such a situation whenever you travel in a flight, keep your phone on flight mode for some time.

Other Benefits of Airplane Mode

As we use airplane mode to reset the phone as well. It often happens that the phone network gets disturbed. In such situation if you activate airplane mode and then deactivate it, your mobile gets full tower.

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