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War-like situation between Iran-Pakistan:

Pakistan attacked 7 locations in Iran with missiles, a terrorist group in Pakistan killed an Iranian colonel
4 Month ago

After Iran's airstrike in Pakistan's Balochistan in the midnight of 16th, Pakistan has become desperate and now it has retaliated last night. News agency AFP has confirmed this. Media reports are claiming that 7 bases of the separatist organization have been attacked in Iran's Sarwan area. It is also being claimed that a terrorist group in Pakistan has killed an Iranian colonel.

The strike has not yet been officially announced by Pakistan. According to Pakistani journalist Salman Masood, Pakistan has attacked within 40-50 kilometers of the Iranian border.

The conflict between the two countries escalated after Iran launched a missile and drone attack in Pakistan's Balochistan on Tuesday night. Iran's Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahiyan spoke on phone with Pakistan's Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani.

He said that the attack was carried out on an Iranian terrorist organization. No Pakistani citizen was injured in this. On this, Jilani said that no country should take such a dangerous path. Pakistan has every right to respond to Iran's attack.

India-US reaction

After the attack by Iran, Pakistan on Wednesday recalled its ambassador from Tehran and asked the Iranian ambassador to leave the country. At the same time, after the Iranian attack, meetings were going on in Pakistan Army Headquarters Rawalpindi since early Wednesday morning. Army Chief General Asim Munir immediately summoned all the commanders.

India has also reacted to Iran's air strikes in Pakistan. Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs Randhir Jaiswal said - If a country takes steps for its own security, India can understand its position.

He said - this is a matter between Pakistan and Iran. As far as our opinion is concerned, we have made it clear many times that there will be no compromise in the matter of terrorism. At the same time, America has called Iran's strike as wrong. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said Iran had violated the sovereignty of three of its neighbors in recent days.

China's Opinion - Don't Escalate Tension

Here China asked both Pakistan and Iran not to escalate tension, as it hurts both countries. Both Pakistan and Iran are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and are close trading partners of China.

According to Iranian media reports, Iran has suddenly increased its army deployment along its border. It is believed that the Pakistan Army can retaliate against Iran by shielding the terrorists.

Its effect is beginning to show. A member of Iran's Revolutionary Guards has been shot dead in the country's restive southeastern province, which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to Iranian news agency IRNA.

Pakistan in action

  • Between Tuesday and Wednesday night, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC or Iranian Army) attacked terrorist organization Jaish al-Adl's positions in Balochistan with missiles and drones.
  • A few hours later, Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement late at night, protesting strongly. According to 'Jeo News' - After this incident, there was a massive political and military exercise in Pakistan. The meetings continued throughout the night. Army Chief Asim Munir and caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar spoke on phone. After this a meeting of army commanders was held in Rawalpindi.
  • External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon. Said - We have asked our ambassador present in Tehran to return to the country immediately. Iran's ambassador has also been asked to leave the country. However, Iran's ambassador is currently present in his country. Iran has committed a provocative act. We will not tolerate this at any cost.
  • Mumtaz further said- Iran has also violated international law. We are filing a complaint in the UN against this. Iran has to remember that Pakistan has both the ability and the right to respond. This will be the responsibility of the Iranian government. We have also decided to suspend all types and levels of ongoing dialogue with Iran.

Ban on media coverage

  • Pakistan said on Tuesday night that two children were killed and three girls were injured in missile and drone strikes by Iran. However, it has not been revealed which part of Balochistan Iran actually attacked.
  • The Pakistani government banned any coverage of the attack on two parts of Balochistan (Panjgur and Turbat) following the Iranian attack. Not only this, the entry of any journalist has also been banned in these areas.
  • Even when India launched an airstrike in Balakot, Pakistan did not allow anyone to visit the site for nearly three months. After this, some reporters were taken to a small area and told that only a few trees had been felled here. This time also Pakistan is not ready to tell the truth.
  • On the other hand, 'Aaj TV' spoke to some people. Most people said – there is tension and danger at every border. Afghanistan has closed two routes. Relations with India are completely severed. Now Iran is also openly attacking Pakistan. Army and government are watching this spectacle.
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