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VIDEO: MS Dhoni's parents share cake and sweets in Ranchi, fans say – Prasad of 'God'

Dhoni's parents distributed cakes and sweets at his home in Ranchi. The incident took place on Dhoni's 43rd birthday, the video of which has now gone viral on social media. The fans considered the cakes and sweets from Dhoni's house to be God's offerings.
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MS Dhoni celebrated his 43rd birthday in Mumbai. But, on this special occasion cakes and sweets were also distributed in their own city Ranchi. Dhoni's parents did this in Ranchi. On his birthday, he distributed cakes and sweets to his son's fans. The big thing was that Dhoni's fans considered cakes and sweets to be God's prasad. Dhoni is called the prince of Ranchi and there is no doubt that he has a huge fan following there.

Celebrating Dhoni's birthday

MS Dhoni celebrated his 43rd birthday on 7 July 2024. He celebrated this special day with Salman Khan in Mumbai. Dhoni cut 3 cakes on his 43rd birthday, one of which had the number 7 written on it. Dhoni's wife Sakshi was also with him on this special day. Sakshi was also seen touching Dhoni's feet on this special occasion. Not only this, Dhoni also blessed him, the video of which made many headlines.

Distribution of cakes and sweets at Dhoni's house

But, on the other hand, a video of cakes and sweets being distributed on Dhoni's birthday in a farm house in Ranchi has also gone viral. His parents were spotted doing this on their son's birthday in Ranchi. While some fans consider the cakes and sweets from Dhoni's home to be God's offerings, one fan recalled Dhoni's days when he used to eat samosas and balushahi. He also narrated the story of the film on Dhoni.

Dhoni's birthday celebrations across the country

Dhoni's 43rd birthday was celebrated across the country. Each place had its own style of celebration. Even in Ranchi, fans celebrated Mahi's birthday with full enthusiasm. Currently MS Dhoni is only in Mumbai. But whenever he is in Ranchi, he is surrounded by fans or his loved ones. After being away from international cricket, Dhoni spends most of his time in Ranchi.

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