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This Gujarati will hold the post of Vice President of Apple, know from which school-college of Gujarat he studied?

Ruchir Dave is going to be the new boss of Apple's audio division. According to media reports, there may be changes in Apple. Ruchir Dave studied from Gujarat and after 1998 went to study at Penn State University. Now he is going to take on a bigger responsibility at Apple and will replace Gary Geeves.
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Apple's hardware team is about to undergo a major overhaul. Ruchir Dave is going to take over the position of Vice President of Apple's Acoustics Division. He has been working at Apple for almost 14 years. Ruchir Dave will soon replace Gary Geeves. Ruchir Dave graduated from Gujarat. Let us tell you about it in detail.

Ruchir Dave's LinkedIn accounts reveal that he has been serving the company for around 14 years. He joined Apple in 2009. Here he was commanding the acoustics engineer team. After this he was promoted to manager level in the year 2012. In the year 2021, he was appointed to the post of Senior Director. Prior to Apple, he worked at Cisco for nearly 10 years.

Where did you study in Gujarat?

His LinkedIn accounts reveal that he has been a student of Sharda Mandir, Ahmedabad. Where he studied from 1982 to 1994. After this he graduated from Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering, Ahmedabad in 1998. After this he went to study at Penn State University.

Information received from media reports

Media reports have stated that this information has been given by people who know Ruchir Dave. But the announcement has been kept private for now, prompting him to remain anonymous. The company has not announced this officially.

Apple's hardware team is essential

About 300 employees work in the Apple hardware team. These people play an important role in the company's HomePod, AirPods and speakers business. The team also works on advancing sound and microphone technology. The team also works on software features like special audio.

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