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The England captain was unfazed by Rajkot's defeat, and after the match ended, the match was directly awarded to the referee

Ben Stokes said, "All I can say is, the umpire's call should be overturned because if the ball hits the stumps, it's a hit and if it's not, it's not." If we talk about the Test, India has defeated England by 434 runs in Rajkot.
4 Month ago

England captain Ben Stokes has demanded DRS to remove the umpire's call. The England team has questioned a decision. After the defeat, Ben Stokes met the match referee along with coach Braden McCullum. Now it remains to be seen what happens next in the series.

Ben Stokes questioned the umpiring

The England team is under stress after the big defeat by 434 runs at the hands of India. Baseball is being questioned and the English media is also targeting the captaincy of Ben Stokes, England captain Ben Stokes has questioned the umpiring. He did not stop there, he met the referee after the match. England have raised questions about the dismissal of Jack Crowley, after he took a review and was later dismissed due to the umpire's call.

So let's know today, what is the umpire's call. Why is the England captain thinking of removing this rule? Before knowing the answer to all these questions, we should also know that this is the umpire's call.

What is Umpire's Call?

Umpire's call is a part of DRS (Decision Review System) in cricket. When a batsman is not happy with the decision of the field umpire, a review is taken against him i.e., he goes to the third umpire. Then the TV umpire reaches the final decision in respect of lbw through replay and ball tracking.

India has a big win in Test format by runs. Yashaswi Jaiswal scored a double century for Team India in this match. While Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja scored centuries. Ravindra Jadeja took 5 wickets in the second innings and was adjudged as the player of the match.

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