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Stormy boom in gold! Rs. 2,500 surge, silver prices also increased, know today's price here

The price of gold is constantly increasing. For 5 consecutive days, the price of gold has been setting records in the country's futures market. If we talk about March, an increase of about 3800 rupees has been seen. If the informants are to be believed, further increase may be seen in the coming days.
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Gold prices are not taking the name of falling in the month of March. All the countries of the world have lost their sleep. Gold investors are jumping for joy. This week, the global price of gold has recorded a jump of 4 percent. This week saw a significant increase in local gold futures prices.

On the MCX exchange, gold for delivery on April 5, 2024 closed at Rs 63,563 per 10 grams on Friday, March 1. The gold closed at Rs 66,023 per 10 grams on Friday, March 8. In this way, an increase of Rs 2,460 per 10 grams has been recorded in the price of gold this week.

Big jump in silver prices too

Along with gold, the price of silver has also increased significantly. On the MCX exchange, silver for delivery on May 3, 2024 closed at Rs 72,278 per kg on Friday, March 1. While on Friday, March 8 it was Rs. 74,262 per kg. Thus, the price of silver has increased by Rs 1984 per kg this week.

Global price of gold

Global gold prices closed with big gains on Friday. Gold settled up 0.94 percent, or $20.30, at $2,185.50 an ounce on the Comex. At the same time, spot gold closed up 0.88 percent or $18.97 at $2178.95 an ounce.

Global price of silver

Silver was down 0.12 percent, or $0.03, at $24.55 an ounce on the Comex (global silver price) on Friday. At the same time, silver spot fell 0.07 percent, or $0.02, to close at $24.31 an ounce.

Record made 5 times in 120 hours

However, the price of gold has kept the whole world awake. Gold price has increased a record 5 times in the last 120 hours. Earlier on Friday, March 4, gold hit a record high of Rs 64,575, breaking the record set on December 4, 2023. After which, on the next day on March 5, gold crossed the level of Rs.65 thousand for the first time and set a new record with Rs.65,140. On March 6, the price of gold touched a new record high of Rs 65250.

On March 7, the price of gold touched a lifetime high of Rs 65,587. On March 8, the price again crossed the level of 66 thousand rupees. It means that the record level has been crossed 5 times in 5 days i.e. 120 hours. According to experts, the rise in gold prices is likely to continue.

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