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Still threatened, the women of Sandeshkhali met PM Modi and told the plight

PM Narendra Modi said, 'The TMC government is using its full strength to protect the women criminals of Bengal. But the state government has been dealt a blow first by the High Court and then by the Supreme Court.
2 Month ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in West Bengal, raised the issue of Sandeshkhali fiercely. Also, the Trinamool Congress government led by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been accused of trying to protect 'women criminals'. He said that the TMC is also 'tyrannizing' the sisters and daughters. It may be mentioned here that politics has heated up since the arrest of TMC's powerful leader Shah Jahan Sheikh.

It is reported that 5 women from Sandeshkhali met PM Modi. According to media reports, the women say, 'Sheikh Shah Jahan is still terrorizing people.'

PM Modi said, 'TMC government is using its full power to protect the women criminals of Bengal. But Mamata Didi's government has received a blow first from the Calcutta High Court and then from the Supreme Court over the Sandeshkhali incident. Recently, the Calcutta High Court ordered to hand over Shaikh's custody to the CBI. The Mamata Banerjee government filed an application against it in the Supreme Court.

The PM said, 'But on this very earth, the heinous sin of atrocity on women's power has been committed under the rule of TMC. No matter what happens in the message space, there has been an incident that makes anyone hang their head in shame. But the TMC government here does not care about your suffering.

He said, 'TMC leaders are oppressing sisters and daughters of poor, Dalit and tribal families in various places. But the TMC government has faith in its tyrannical leader and has no faith in Bengali sisters and daughters. PM Modi said, 'The TMC government working under the pressure of appeasement and brokers can never provide security to its sisters and daughters.'

Appeal to remove TMC Govt

PM Modi has called the TMC government eclipsed on the issue of law and order. He said that Bengal is under the influence of TMC. They do not allow the development of this state to proceed. BJP has targeted 35 seats in West Bengal in 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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