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Shoaib Malik preparing for fourth marriage? Accused of flirting with Pakistani actress, see Video

Shoaib Malik recently got married for the third time to Sana Javed. Shoaib is accused of flirting with the actress even after his third marriage. Now this Pakistani cricketer is being accused of sending flirty messages to another actress.
2 Month ago

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik is in the news for some reason. In January 2024, Shoaib shocked everyone by sharing pictures of his third wedding. After his divorce from Sania Mirza, Shoaib married the famous Pakistani actress Sana Javed for the third time. Shoaib was also trolled a lot for getting married for the third time. Now once again the cricketer has come into discussion. Shoaib is accused of flirting with the actress even after his third marriage.

Shoaib Malik sending flirty messages to Nawal Saeed?

Pakistani actress Nawal Saeed recently arrived in Pakistan as a special guest at a Ramadan show. Meanwhile, the host asked him if he gets flirty messages from actors. In response to this question, the actress said that most of the messages she receives are from cricketers. People were surprised to hear this. Nawal Saeed said that he is getting messages from cricketers and it doesn't feel right. He said that they represent the country on the international platform and they should behave properly.

The host then asked him if Naseem Shah is the player who sends him messages on Instagram. Hearing this, the actress started laughing and said that the cricketer is not single. When host Nadia Khan directly asked him if he was Shoaib Malik, Naval didn't say anything but laughed and dodged the question after hearing Shoaib's name. Later the actress started laughing.

The video of Nawal Saeed's show went viral

The video of this show is going viral on social media. People think that Shoaib Malik is sending flirty messages to Nawal. 25-year-old Nawal Saeed also said on the show that she keeps screenshots of these messages from cricketers praising her beauty.

Who is Naval Saeed?

Let us tell you that Nawal Saeed is a famous actress of Pakistan. He did a small role in 'Yakin Ka Safar' in the year 2017 and with this his acting career also started. After this he proved his superb acting skills in shows like 'Izabaan', 'Fariad', 'Sitam', 'Dil Ae Veeran', 'Daag Ae Dil' and 'Maah Ae Samam'. Currently Nawal is seen in the show 'Jaan-e-Jahan'. In this show she plays the role of a widow.

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