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Seeing an owl at night is auspicious or inauspicious, know whether difficulties will be removed or not

You have often noticed that owls only appear at night. What does it mean to see an owl at night? Or if it is a white owl what is the belief behind it? Read this article to know...
3 Month ago

Animals and birds have special importance in Hinduism. There are many beliefs related to it which indicate auspicious and inauspicious things. These animals also include a bird called an owl. Which is often visible to people only at night. In Sanatana Dharma, the owl is considered the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi. Many people believe that seeing an owl is a sign of both good and bad luck. So let's find out what are the myths about owls?

You all must have seen black or brown owls, but according to Hindu scriptures, seeing a white owl at night is considered very auspicious. White owls are rarely seen, but if one sees a white owl, it is believed that all the problems in one's life will end or something auspicious is about to happen. In Hinduism, the white owl is considered the spirit of our ancestors. It is believed that if a person sees a white owl, it means that his ancestors are with him.

Frequent occurrence of owls in dreams

According to Vastu Shastra, if you suddenly see an owl at night or it is looking at you or your and the owl's eyes meet, it is a sign of happiness in your life. It is believed that this may be a sign that financial problems will end soon from your life. If you are going out for some work then this can prove auspicious for you. The work you are going for can definitely be completed successfully.

Sighting of an owl during the day

It is believed that owls are often seen only at night. But if it is seen during day time it is also considered auspicious. This indicates that you will get your destiny. Something good is about to happen in your life. Owls are seen by very few people, but if you see an owl at night, it can be a sign of deliverance from troubles. Also, it indicates progress in career. Hearing the sound of an owl at night is a sign of receiving some good news.

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