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RCS will compete with WhatsApp, you can send messages for free, no need for recharge

With the help of RCS chat you will be able to talk without internet. This service being brought by Google is totally different. It is being launched by the company to compete with WhatsApp.
3 Month ago

A new platform has arrived to compete with Whatsapp . It is being compared to Apple's iMessage. This is the reason why many reports are saying that Rich Communication Services (RCS) is going to compete with SMS and Whatsapp. This is a very different type of service that Google has launched in the market.

How does it work?

With the help of RCS you can send messages to anyone and can use emojis and multimedia as well. That means it's a totally smart way to send a message. Normally you need a cellular phone to send SMS, but this one doesn't. This works both ways.

You can also send messages using internet and if there is no internet it will shift to cellular. If you chat on RCS, it will also show 'Typing' to other user. Also, after reading the message, the user will also see 'Read'. It is currently available on most Android devices. You will be surprised to know that you can also do group chat and photo sharing on RCS.

How to use it in iPhone?

However, it has not yet been launched for iPhone. The report says that it will also be brought to iPhone users by the end of 2024. But Android users can avail this feature.

If we compare it with normal SMS service it is totally different because you can share media on it. This service was launched by Google in the year 2007. Since then the company is continuously working on it.

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