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Proposing marriage to the beautiful player during the Gujarat match and said-Will U Marry Me..

WPL 2024 is currently being played and its fifth match was played between Gujarat Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. During this match, a fan proposed to marry the RCB player. With a banner in his hand, his picture proposing this from the audience gallery has started going viral.
3 Month ago

On Tuesday, there was a clash between Gujarat Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Gujarat team lost in this match. However, in this match, a player of the RCB team was proposed for marriage by a fan. He also proposed from the audience gallery. Although it is not clear what was the response, but now this picture of him has started to become very viral.

When the audience raised the poster in their hands, the other players of Bangalore sitting in the dug out also laughed. She too could not stop her laughter. It has come up many times in the cricket match, in which the player has been proposed by the audience and one has proposed to the other audience. But such an event is rarely seen.

A heart drawn playing card appeared

While the Bangalore team was batting, this proposal was made by a fan to the player of their team. The proposal was made to Shreyanka Patil, a beautiful player from Bangalore. A fan wearing an RCB t-shirt was seen holding up a play card proposing to Shreyanka Patil. For the all-rounder, he proposed in English and wrote, Will u Marry Me.. Shreyanka Patil.

So a red heart was also drawn in the playing card and from the fan wrote his name in the local language. It means the young man who proposed was a local. Laughter returned among the players sitting in the dug out of the Bangalore team due to the proposal written in the play card. He could not contain his laughter.

RCB win by 8 wickets

Baglore won the toss and elected to bowl first in Tuesday's match. Thus, the Bangalore team stopped the Gujarat team at 107 runs for 7 wickets in the stipulated over. In reply, Bangalore crossed the target in the 13th over. Bangalore crossed the target with a loss of only 2 wickets, thus Bangalore won by 8 wickets against Gujarat Giants.

Shreyanka has yet to impress in the season. The all-rounder lost 13 runs in just one over against Gujarat on Tuesday. When he won by 2 wickets, he did not get a chance to bat.

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