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Phone Storage: Are you facing storage problem in your phone? Do it like this

If you are facing full storage problem in your phone, these tips are for you. With the help of these tips you can free up storage on your phone. After this you will not need to buy a new phone. You can get great storage in your old smartphone itself.
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Ever since you started staying updated on Instagram reels or other social media platforms, you must have faced storage issues at some point. If he hasn't come, he may come soon. In such a situation, these tips will be useful for you. Every day after making photo-video, the phone starts getting a message of phone storage full.

Apart from this, the problem of phone hanging also starts. In such a situation, people think of deleting large files and apps but most people don't know the right way to create storage. So, here we will tell you an easy way to manage phone storage.

Go to the Free Up Space section

If you have an Android phone, it comes with a default free up space feature. Whenever your smartphone storage is full, first go to free up space and start building storage. After this, delete unused apps from your phone. That means, delete apps on your phone that are not being used and are taking up space unnecessarily. Many times phone comes with some apps by default, remove unnecessary apps from them.

Storage must be cleaned

Go to the storage option of the smartphone and delete all the unwanted files, songs, videos found in different categories. This process will free up a lot of space on your phone. Sometimes videos and photos take up more space. If you want, you can delete videos uploaded to Instagram from your phone. In fact, your video stays on Instagram until you delete it yourself.

In this case, your photos and videos are saved there forever. Also turn off story auto download in Instagram settings. Also, whatever you upload on Instagram is often saved which eats up a lot of phone space.

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