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No one will know what you have seen on the Internet! Delete everything in this way

If you also want to delete search history on the Internet, then this information is for you. After this no one will know what you saw on the internet. This way you can maintain your privacy and you won't be harmed.
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It often happens that you are sitting in a group and if someone asks you for your phone number, there is a danger that what you have searched on the internet will come up. Keeping what you search on the Internet private is very important considering the privacy risk.

You can delete your search history altogether or clear the history whenever you need. Also, whenever someone takes your phone to use it, they won't get any information about you.

Delete search history like this

Nowadays people mostly use internet browsers like Chrome, Edge and Firefox. This browser is one of the most used browsers on both desktop and Android devices. Here we will tell you how you can delete their search history.

Chrome, Firefox and Edge search history

These feature-packed apps have many features that cater to many needs of users, but the problem is that a lot of data is collected from all the websites you visit, from advertisements and big tech companies. If you want to get rid of this, deleting browsing history can be a good option.

Delete Google Chrome History

  • Install Chrome on your phone or tablet and click on the three dots at the top right of the screen.
  • Here click on the 'History' option and at the top click on the 'Clear Browsing Data' option.
  • Here you will be shown how long you want to delete the history.
  • You can also select this option if you want to delete other settings such as cookies, site data, cached images and files, and saved passwords and autofill form data.
  • Select when you want to delete history and click on Clear data option.

Microsoft Edge

  • For this first open Microsoft Edge in your phone and click on three lines. After this go to History option. Here you will be shown all the websites you have visited.
  • Now click on trash icon here, after this a new page will open. Here you can choose how long you want to delete the data. After this click on Clear Data option.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the app and click on the three dots shown at the top. Scroll down a bit and click on the History option.
  • After this click on trash icon. After this select the time till date you want to delete browsing history. Now click on Clear option.
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