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Neem helps in organic farming, learn how to prepare insecticide from it

After the green revolution in the country, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the fields has increased. Due to which both positive and negative effects have been seen in agriculture.
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Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has increased the production of food grains in the country, but has also led to a rapid increase in several deadly diseases.

Meanwhile, with the idea of ​​better health through healthy eating, organic farming has made its way across the country.

In which cultivation is done without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but even in organic farming it is very challenging to protect crops from pests. In such situations, neem is used as an insecticide in organic farming. Let us understand how effective neem is as an insecticide and how insecticide is prepared from it.

Neemastra is effective for prevention of these pests

Insecticides made from neem are called neemastra for pest control in organic farming. which controls sucking insects, small caterpillars. Wild animals do not eat the crop because of the stench from neem spraying. After preparing the neem, dilute it with 15 times water and sprinkle it. Which has to be filtered with a cloth before spraying.

This is how Nimastra is prepared

Any farmer practicing organic farming can prepare neemastra himself for pest control. This requires 5 kg of leaves or twigs, 5 kg of native cow dung and 5 kg of cow urine. After collecting these materials, neem leaves and dry fruits are first crushed to make neemastra. After this it needs to be mixed with water. Due to which neem powder water is prepared. Then cow dung and cow urine are mixed in it.

After mixing all the mixture properly, cover it with a bag and keep it in the shade for 48 hours. Meanwhile, the mixture needs to be stirred with wood in the morning and evening. Nimastra is ready after keeping it in shade for 48 hours. After adding 15 times water, filter before spraying. This Nimastra is very beneficial for farmers. Due to which the farmers also save money, as well as produce more than their organic produce.

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