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Naresh Patel extended the hand of reconciliation against Jayesh Radadia by making this suggestive statement on his birthday, will the cold war come to an end?

A cold war has been going on between Khodaldham president Naresh Patel and Jayesh Raddia for a long time and this dispute has become more intense after Ikko's election. Naresh Patel has extended the hand of reconciliation to Jayesh Raddia by making a suggestive statement today on his birthday.
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A cold war has been going on between Naresh Patel and Jayes Raddia for the last seven years and the trenches of this cold war are increasing day by day. Naresh Patel also finally appeared before the media on his birthday and gave his reaction to the political stakes and pamphlets played by Jayesh Raddia. In which he did not take the name of Jayesh Radadia but he said that the people of the society should work in the interest of the society and there are 500 conveners of Khodaldham, then it is not appropriate to associate the name of Khodaldham with everyone.

Regarding being politically active, he said that if one is not politically active, the work of the society is not done. He further said, I will never enter politics and will support the people of the society who are in politics. On the issue of dispute with Jayesh Radadia, which has been going on for a long time, he also said that the matter of the house should stay at home, but the situation today is that we alone cannot do this. In this regard, he also extended his hand regarding the settlement of the ongoing dispute and said that if there is a settlement at home, there is no resentment on the part of Khodalgham.

What was the whole controversy?

A cold war has been going on between Khodaldham president Naresh Patel and Jayesh Raddia since the 2017 assembly elections. But when the IFFCO elections came and Bipin Gota was given the mandate by BJP, Dinesh Kumbhani associated with Khodaldham Trust was appealed to vote against Jayesh Radadia. In this regard some cooperative leaders were also appealed through phone calls. Due to which this cold war has become more intense. Then Jayesh Raddia also played a political gamble and the purchase of chemical fertilizers of Dinesh Kumbhani's Fertilizer Company in cooperative societies of Rajkot and Morbi districts was stopped. After which this dispute has become more intense.

"Reconciliation at home, no grudge from Khodaldham"

A large number of people from the Patidar community have gathered at Khodaldham Trust on Naresh Patel's birthday today. Then Naresh Patel has given an indicative and important statement. Naresh Patel clearly said that more than 500 conveners are connected with Khodaldham Trust. While everyone is individually independent, Khodaldham Trust has nothing to do directly with his decision but Khodaldham is being defamed politically, he said. Naresh Patel also said that a hand of reconciliation was extended to Jayesh Radadia. Naresh Patel made it clear that the matter of the house should stay in the house and nothing should go outside. There are always attempts at reconciliation in the society and misunderstandings on this issue will be cleared by meeting whenever the leader says.

Will there be a reconciliation between Naresh Patel and Jayesh Radadia?

On the issue of political interference, Naresh Patel said that if society wants to work, it has to be politically active. If we are not politically active, society will not work. Looking at all these developments, it seems that a compromise path is coming in this dispute. The cold war which has been going on since 2017, in which revenge politics has started, seems to be an attempt to prevent this dispute from getting more intense and to avoid any rift between the Patidar leaders in Saurashtra. However, it remains to be seen how Naresh Patel's statement today will be taken by Jayesh Raddia and his associates.

When the Leuva Patidar community of Saurashtra is a very large group, it has to be seen what kind of efforts are being made by Naresh Patel so that no wrong effect is created in the coming days.

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