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Mumbai police speed boat coming from Kuwait from Arabian sea, 3 people found in suspicious condition

South Indian nationals nabbed at gateway to Arabian Sea in Mumbai Police detains three suspects from boat. During interrogation, the suspects said that they had gone to Kuwait for a job, did not get the money and were therefore returning there by boat.
3 Month ago

Mumbai Police has nabbed a suspicious boat in the Arabian Sea. It is being said that this boat was coming from Kuwait. Police have arrested three people present on the boat. Now the police have taken possession of the boat and brought it to the gateway. Preliminary investigation revealed that the boat was coming from Kuwait, though the three people on board were Indians. The arrest of the suspected boat is raising many questions.

According to information, on Tuesday evening, the police noticed some movement in the Arabian Sea, a short distance from the beach. It was reported from the watch tower that a suspicious boat was spotted here. The police took immediate action and impounded the suspected boat. The suspect boat also has three Indian nationals said to be from South India. He has been detained by the police and is being interrogated.

A boat from Kuwait

When the police interrogated the detained Indian suspects, they said that the trio had fled from Kuwait and reached here. He said he used to work on all three but had to run away due to non-payment. All three went to work in Kuwait from India. There are many questions before the police in this whole matter, according to which the police are investigating all the issues one by one.

These questions were asked to the boatmen

According to the police, the people on board the captured boat are from South India, their documents are being checked and efforts are also being made to contact their family members. In such a situation, there are many questions before the police that if this boat is coming from Kuwait, how did it cross the border of Kuwait? How did you get the boat to Kuwait? Why did these people take a boat to Gateway instead of going to South India?

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