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Mauni Amas on February 9:

The tradition of silence, pilgrimage and charity on this festival is as meritorious as performing many yajnas.
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February 9 is the new moon. Since this day is an auspicious day, its fruit has increased more. It is said in the scriptures that the new moon falling on Friday gives auspicious results. Pitras are worshiped on this day. Graha dosha is also removed by fasting for the whole day after bathing and giving charity. By worshiping on this day and offering food to a Brahmin, one gets the full merit of the Vrat.

Ashta Mahadan on New Moon Day
The importance of donating sesame, iron, gold, cotton, salt, seven types of paddy, land and cows on the new moon day is explained. Donating these eight things is the eight great donations. This kind of mahadana removes all kinds of sins and increases virtue. By donating these eight, one gets as much merit as by performing many yajnas.

Amavasya is special.
About this Amavasya it is believed that sage Manu was born on this day and this Amavasya is called Mauni Amavasya from the word Manu. Sage Manu is considered to be the arbitrary son of Brahma. Also, Amavasya also has religious significance. Worshiping your ancestors and donating to the poor on this day washes away your sins. Many devotees also keep fast by bathing in the holy water on this day.

Significance of Amavasya on Friday
If the new moon of any month falls on a Friday, then according to astrology it gives good results. In such conjunction the meritorious results of bathing, charity and worship are further enhanced. Amavasya coincidence on a Friday is rare, but this year this auspicious coincidence is being formed on the new moon of the month of Magh.

On this day special importance is given to bathing in holy rivers like Ganga-Yamuna, Mathura and other places of pilgrimage, donating cows, donating food, Brahmin food, donating clothes and gold. It is said in the religious texts that on this day the ancestors are satisfied by bathing and offering food to the Brahmins.

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