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Loksabha Chunav 2024 Results: These ministers of Modi government lost, most ministers lost from Uttar Pradesh, see full list

The result of Lok Sabha Election 2024 has been declared. Some of the ministers of the Modi government are involved in this. Who has been defeated. You will also be surprised to know that in this also the highest number of ministers have been lost from Uttar Pradesh.
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After the Lok Sabha election, everyone was waiting for any result and finally the result of Lok Sabha election 2024 has come out on Tuesday 4 June. When the results have been announced, some examples have come up that the leaders were waiting for the victory. He has faced defeat. No party got majority. BJP got 240 seats while Congress got 99 seats. If we talk about NDA, they have crossed the majority mark. He got 292 seats. While INDIA alliance has got 234 seats.

The results of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 have come up. In which some of the ministers of the Modi government are involved who could not win. They have faced defeat. Most of the ministers are from Uttar Pradesh.

Kailash Chaudhary

Union Minister Kailash Chaudhary, the BJP candidate from Barmer in Rajasthan, has faced defeat. Congress candidate Ram Beniwal defeated him by 417943 lakh votes. He stood third in this seat. Independent Ravindra Bhati came second with 586,500 votes.

RK Singh

BJP candidate and Union Minister RK Singh also lost from Ara in Bihar. CPIM's Sudama Prasad defeated him by more than 59808 votes. Sudama Prasad got more than 5 lakh votes while RK Singh got 469574 lakh votes.

Nisith honest

TMC's Jagdish Chandra Vasuniya from Cooch Behar in Bengal defeated BJP candidate and Union Minister Nisith Pramanik by 39250 votes. Vasuniya got 788375 lakh votes and Pramanik got 749125 lakh votes.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar

BJP candidate and Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has lost the election from Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram. He has defeated Shashi Tharuru of Congress by 16077 thousand votes. Tharuru got 358155 lakh votes while Chandrasekhar came second with 342078 lakh votes.

Arjun Munda

Union minister Arjun Munda, the Bhaj candidate from Jharkhand constituency, has also faced defeat. Kali Charan Munda of Congress has won the election by a margin of 149675 lakh votes. Arjun Muda came second with 361972 lakh votes.

Ajay Mishra Tenny

2-time MP and Union Minister Ajay Mishra has lost the election from Khiri in Uttar Pradesh. SP's Utkarsh Verma defeated Teni by 34329 votes. Teni got 523036 lakh votes. Utkarsh Verma got 557365 lakh votes. BSP candidate Anshay Singh Kalra got 110122 votes.

Smriti Irani

Smriti Irani has lost in UP's Amethi. Kishori Lal Sharma of Congress has defeated Irani by 167196 lakh votes. KL Sharma got 539228 lakh votes. While Irani has got 372032 lakh votes. Nanhe Singh Chauhan has been at the third position with 34534 thousand votes.

Mahendra Nath Pandey

BJP candidate and Union Minister Mahendranath Pandey has lost the election from UP's Chandauli. SP's Virendra Singh Mahendranath Pandey has got 21565 thousand votes. BSP's Satyedra Singh Morya is on the third position.

Kaushal Kishore

From UP's Mohanlalganj, SP's RK Chaudhary has defeated BJP's Kaushal Kishor by 70292 thousand votes. RK Chaudhary has got 667869 lakh votes. While Kaushal Kishore has got 597577 lakh votes.

Bhanu Pratap Singh

BJP leader and Union Minister Bhanu Pratap Singh has lost the election from Jalaun of UP by a margin of 53898 thousand votes. Ahi SP's Narayan Das Ahirwar has won. Ahirwar secured 5301180 votes, while finishing second with 476282 votes.

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti has faced defeat from UP's Fatehpur. Here SP's Naresh Chandra Uttam Patel has defeated Sadhvi by 33199 thousand votes. Naresh Chandra got 500328 lakh votes, while Sadhvi got 467129 lakh votes.

Sanjeev Kumar Balian

BJP leader and Union Minister Sanjeev Kumar Balian has faced defeat from UP's Muzaffarnagar. SP's Harendra Singh Malik has been defeated by 24672 thousand votes. Malik got 470721 lakh votes. So Balian has got 446049 lakh votes.

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