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Know that many diseases are hidden in the color of your nails

Every organ in our body has a special importance. In which nails are an important part of our body.
4 Month ago

However people often ignore it. But nails reveal many secrets about our health. From the color of the nails we can know whether there is any disease in our body or not.

Nails become pale. So your body may be deficient in Aryan. May also be a sign of anemia.

If there is a fungal infection and nutritional deficiency in the body, yellow nails are seen. Sometimes smoking also causes the nails to turn yellow.

If the nail color is turning blue then it indicates any disease related to heart or lungs.

If pits are found in nails, problems like pain in bones and joints are seen in the body.

Brittle nails indicate thyroid. (Note: Before following anything related to health you should consult your doctor or specialist.)

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