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Interesting revelation about Rohit Sharma's second 'wife', know who is this special person?

Team India captain Rohit Sharma has posted a special emotional post on social media after winning the T20 World Cup. In which the Indian captain revealed that his wife Ritika considers this person as his work wife. This post is going viral and there is a lot of discussion among Rohit's fans about this second wife.
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As soon as Team India won the T20 World Cup, Rahul Dravid was separated from this team. Actually, Rahul Dravid's contract with Team India has expired and he is no longer the head coach of this team. Dravid took over as the head coach of Team India in the year 2021 and during his tenure Rohit & Co. managed to become the T20 World Champions. Now that Rahul Dravid has parted ways with Team India, captain Rohit Sharma has posted a post in Dravid's honour. In this post, Rohit thanked Dravid for being with the team. Rohit also revealed that his wife Ritika considers Rahul Dravid as his work wife.

Dravid Rohit's work wife!

Rohit Sharma wrote on Instagram, 'I'm trying to find the right words to express my feelings properly but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do so, so this is my attempt. I treat you with respect and the opportunity to work with you. I was lucky to get it. You are a veteran of the game but you leave your achievements at the door and join our team as a coach. You got to a level where we were all comfortable enough to tell you anything. I have learned so much from you and I will always cherish every memory.

Rohit and Dravid are good friends

Rohit further wrote, 'My wife sees you as my work wife and I am lucky that I get the chance to say so too. This was the only thing that wasn't on your list of achievements and I'm so glad we achieved it together. Rahul Bhai, I am privileged to call you my confidant, my coach and my friend.

Now Dravid will join KKR

Well, there are reports that Rahul Dravid might make a comeback in the IPL now. This veteran can become the mentor of Kolkata Knight Riders. KKR mentor Gautam Gambhir may become the new head coach of Team India and Rahul Dravid may replace him.

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