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ICC lifts suspension from Sri Lankan Cricket Board:

Says - No more government interference, ban imposed 3 months ago
3 Month ago

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has lifted the suspension from the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC). The council said in its submission on Sunday that the board no longer has government interference. In such a case the board is reinstated with immediate effect.

The ICC suspended the Sri Lankan board during the World Cup in November-2023 following government intervention. Subsequently, due to a disappointing performance in the ODI World Cup, the Sports Ministry there sacked the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) on 6 November.

Loss of hosting of the Under-19 World Cup
The suspension caused Sri Lanka to lose the hosting of the Men's Under-19 World Cup. The tournament is being played in South Africa. The Lankan team has won both its matches and is playing its third league match against Australia.

Sports Ministry sacks board
After India's crushing 302-run defeat in the World Cup, the Sri Lankan Sports Ministry sacked the entire Sri Lankan Cricket Board. Sports Minister Roshan Ransinghe's office said in a statement, 'Arjun Ranatunga, the country's 1996 World Cup winning captain, has been made the new interim board chairman.'

Ransinghe called the Sri Lanka Cricket Board traitorous and corrupt and demanded the resignation of the board members. After which Sri Lanka's cricket secretary Mohan de Silva resigned from his post on November 4.

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