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How dangerous will the storm be? How long will it take? Ramal storm will cause devastation in these states!

The system active in the Bay of Bengal is being monitored by Sky Met, a private meteorological organization. After that, we will know how the atmosphere will be in the country. According to the report of Sky Met, the effect of storm can be seen in some states of India.
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A system active in the Bay of Bengal is being monitored by Sky Met, a private meteorological organization. Following this we will know how the weather will be in the country. According to the Sky Met report, under the influence of continuous cyclonic circulation, a low pressure area formed over southwest and adjoining west-central Bay of Bengal (BoB) yesterday.

This area is centered around 13.7°N and 86.9°E as of this morning. Now this weather system will move north-east and become a depression in next 24 hours. It may move north-east and is likely to intensify into a deep depression over north-east and adjoining north-west Bengal.

Numerical models agree on the formation of the first tropical cyclone of the pre-monsoon season. Environmental conditions at sea are favorable for hurricanes. Sea surface temperatures around 30 °C and weak vertical wind shear support its strength.

Rammal storm can cause major devastation

The cyclone may move south of Cox's Bazar towards the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. However, the possibility of this system coming dangerously close to the West Bengal-Odisha coast cannot be ruled out.

Whenever this storm forms it will be known by the name 'Ramal' suggested by Oman. Currently, this storm is not likely to have any significant impact on the Indian coast in the next 48 hours.

More details about the track, intensity and timeline of this system will be known in the next 24 hours. Keeping in view the nature of this storm, the preparedness status of the coastal areas of West Bengal and Odisha has been estimated. Because, on many occasions, cyclonic storms break the normal rules.

The Meteorological Department announced an alert

India is threatened with a major maritime disaster. Cyclone Ramal is likely to wreak havoc. West Bengal and Odisha are likely to experience major drought. According to the Meteorological Department, very heavy to very heavy rains have been predicted in the country.

The low pressure formed in the Bay of Bengal may turn into a deep depression at 5:30 pm. The speed of the storm may be 117 kmph. Also, Sunday may take the form of a severe cyclone. Wind speed of 90 to 100 kmph is likely to blow in coastal areas. The Meteorological Department has issued an alert on the coasts of West Bengal and Odisha.

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