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Heart Care: If you want to avoid heart diseases, keep these 3 things in mind, learn from health experts

Heart Health: When a person is suffering from heart disease, usually doctors advise him to pay special attention to his diet. Health experts say that if you want to avoid heart related diseases then it is very important to take care of these 3 things.
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Heart Healthy food: Due to busy lifestyle and bad eating habits, the risk of heart diseases is increasing in people. Health experts say that the effect of a busy lifestyle is visible on our overall health. Such as not getting enough sleep due to finishing work, excessive dieting to lose weight and smoking or alcohol consumption.

Dr. Devendra Srimal, Director of Cardiology, Narayan Hospital, Jaipur, says that to keep the heart healthy, it is important to change your lifestyle. Blood pressure is considered the root cause of heart diseases. So, check your blood pressure regularly. High BP can be kept under control by eating low sodium food along with good sleep.

Saturated Fat – Dr. Avoid foods that are high in saturated fat from your diet, says Devendra. In fact, fatty foods raise cholesterol and triglycerides, which cause blockages in the arteries. This condition is also called coronary artery disease. To stay healthy, include only whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks in your diet.

Exercise- Nowadays people don't find time for exercise due to busy lifestyle, but there are many exercises to strengthen the heart muscles. People who do not exercise have an increased risk of heart disease. So, considering your age, you should exercise some time.

Also watch your weight – Health experts say that you should maintain a healthy body weight as obesity also increases the risk of heart disease. People who already have heart related problems should not eat amla, bathua, shingoda, arabica, brinjal and sweet potato. Apart from this, if there is any kind of physical problem, the doctor should be contacted immediately.

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