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Google will solve maths example, every problem will be solved with phone camera

An education app that helps students a lot in solving math problems. It is designed for students and parents to scan the question with the phone's camera to find the solution. Let's see how it is used.
2 Month ago

Many times the math problems i.e. the equations become very complex and do not even bear the name of solving. But you don't need to worry because even the toughest math problems will be solved easily now. You don't need to think much, all you need is a smartphone and you will get the solution instantly. For this you have to use Google's PhotoMath app, which is a math solver app. All you have to do is scan the math question with your phone's camera, and the solution will be there in a few seconds.

PhotoMath not only shows you the answers to the math problem but also the complete solution i.e. the method of how to solve that problem. From this you can understand how the answer was arrived at and what is the correct way to solve the question. If you are always afraid of maths then Photomath will help you. This is very useful not only for students but also for parents.

Used by millions of people

Google recently bought the PhotoMath app. Now this app appears as Google's official app on Google Play Store. PhotoMath was launched in 2014 and has received over 10 crore downloads so far. It has got 4.5 rating on play store.

How to use PhotoMath app?

You can use PhotoMath app in following ways-

  1.  Search for PhotoMath on the Play Store and install it.
  2. Open the PhotoMath app and point your phone's camera at a math problem that's been bothering you.
  3. Keep the problem within the frame of the app. It is necessary to do this for an accurate answer, so that the correct answer to the question can be found.
  4. Click on the red circle icon below.
  5. You will see the answer almost immediately. If you want to check how the app arrived at the solution, press the Show Solving Steps button.

This app is known for its excellent ability to solve math problems. With this you can ask questions from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. This will give you answers to the questions step by step.

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