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Ghee with animal fat is sold in North Gujarat? Shocking report in cow ghee sample

For the last few months in North Gujarat, raids are being conducted by the system for selling adulterated ghee in the name of pure ghee. Similarly, a raid was conducted in Mehsana's Unjha last October. Where ghee samples were taken from Rajwadi dairy products. In which there is news that the report of foreign fat has come out.
2 Month ago

If you are consuming pure ghee, check and check carefully. Nowhere are you eating adulterated ghee. The report which has recently come out in a sample taken by a food department is shocking. The food department took samples of loose and packed products sold in the name of pure ghee. In which the report has failed. Also, it has been stated in the report that there is foreign fat.

The presence of foreign fate is a very alarming thing. The ghee that you think is pure ghee is also considered to contain animal fat. Apart from milk fat, the food department has also been shocked by the presence of other fats in the report.

raid last October

The food department raided Kamli near Unjha in Mehsana district. Suspecting adulteration, food department officials raided a ghee manufacturing unit near Kamli. Where samples of Amrit Shuddh Ghee were taken from Radwadi Dairy Product Unit. Also samples of Godhara pure cow ghee were taken. Apart from packing, samples of loose ghee were also taken and sent to the laboratory in Vadodara for testing.

The food department took 8 different samples and sent them to Vadodara. However, in the report of Vadodara, it was revealed that except for one sample, five samples were passed. Due to this, the food department sent the sample to Pune for re-examination on suspicion of adulteration. Where the center's state-of-the-art laboratory tested, came out with a startling report.

Presence of foreign fat not milk

It was shocking to see a detailed report on the sample from the Pune laboratory. In which foreign fat was found in the ghee sample of Godhara cow. Foreign fat means the presence of fat other than milk fat. So now the fear of this fat being animal fat cannot be denied. In such a situation, efforts have been started to take action against Rajwadi dairy product based on the report of foreign fat.

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