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Four Indian-American citizens arrested on charges of human trafficking in America, will the trail reach Gujarat?

At the end of an in-depth investigation in the US since last March, four Indian-origin citizens living in the US have been arrested on charges of human trafficking. 15 women were found in the house of the arrested Indian-American citizen. The US police have found details that a total of 100 people are involved in this case of human trafficking.
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Four citizens of Indian origin have been arrested in the US on charges of human trafficking. This case of human trafficking was being investigated from the beginning of March this year. Among the four arrested citizens, one is a woman and the remaining three are men.

This incident happened in Texas, USA. Where the police found about 15 women in a house. Those who were forced to work. Among the arrested accused, the arrested woman has been identified as Dwarka Guda and the remaining three men have been identified as Anil Purush, Chandan Dasireddy and Santosh Katkuri.

A pest control firm complained

Police became aware of the human trafficking when Katkuri contacted a pest control firm at her home. When an employee of a pest control firm visited Santosh Katkuri's house, he saw that there were about 3 to 5 women living in each room of that house. After which he informed the Princeton Police about this and expressed the fear of human trafficking. After that, the police started investigating the matter. On March 13, police raided Katkuri's house. From where they found about 15 women. All of them told the police that Dwarka Guda, along with her husband, was forced to work in several programming shell firms.

This work is being done in three cities in Texas

The American police said that during the investigation conducted in the house, many laptops, mobile phones, printers and many fake documents were also found. During interrogation and investigation, the police also discovered that such forced labor networks existed in at least three cities in Texas. Including Melissa, Princeton and McKinney. More people are likely to be arrested in this case, apart from this, fake and fake documents found in this case have been seized. Many men are also involved in this case. Those who are victims of forced labour.

American police believe that more than 100 people are involved in this case. The matter was already being investigated, but the police have now presented the matter in detail in front of everyone.

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