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First the strike and then the chase of 'Shaktiman', why did Mukesh Khanna remove Ranveer Singh's video from social media?

Actor Mukesh Khanna is known in every household from the TV show Shaktimaan. Many years have passed since this superhero show ended, but people still call him Shaktiman. For some time now, there has been talk of making a film on Shaktimaan. It was being said that Ranveer Singh will play the role of Shaktimaan in it. But Mukesh Khanna did not like this. He targeted Ranveer a lot. However, now he has deleted his post and video.
2 Month ago

For some time now, there have been reports that a film is going to be made on the famous TV show Shaktiman in Bollywood. Many reports have said that Ranveer Singh will play the role of Shaktiman in the film. However, no one has confirmed this news yet.

Meanwhile, TV's Shaktiman i.e. Mukesh Khanna hit Ranveer Singh by making a video citing the ongoing reports about Shaktiman. But now Mukesh Khanna has deleted his Instagram post and YouTube video.

Ranveer Singh will become Shaktiman?

Her video, in which she attacked Ranveer Singh, is nowhere to be seen, neither on YouTube nor on Instagram. Mukesh Khanna took to Instagram to express his anger over the ongoing news about Shaktiman and wrote, "Social media has been full of rumors for months that Ranveer Singh will play Shaktiman." He claimed that everyone is upset with the news.

Shaktiman was angry with Ranveer Singh

Mukesh Khanna wrote in his post, “I remained silent. But when the channel has also started announcing that Ranveer Singh has been signed. So I had to open my mouth. And I said that no matter how big a star a person with such an image is, he cannot become powerful.

Mukesh Khanna to others too

Mukesh Khanna attacked Ranveer in his YouTube video. Referring to Ranveer Singh's nude photo shoot, he targeted him and said that if he likes all this, he should move to another country. Apart from this, Mukesh Khanna also targeted people who were supporting Ranveer's photo shoot.

What is the update on the film

There is no official update regarding Shaktiman yet. There is no word on Shaktiman being made or not, but yes, it is certain that Ranveer Singh Minal Murali is making a superhero film with director Basil Joseph. Bollywood Hungama said in a report that Basil has prepared the script. This will be more of an emotional film than an action film. However, Ranveer will be a superhero in this film, who will also fly.


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